Here is a list of the new features in PDF Studio 2019.

Make sure to read PDF Studio 2019 Press Announcement.

New Major Features in Version 2019

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window_dialog User Interface

NEW Features

  • New option to customize quick access toolbar with favorite tools
  • New split document View
  • Search & markup, search & redact (Pro) in Advanced Search Dialog
  • New Reduce Size option in File tab (Pro)
  • New option in File tab to close all documents
  • New form field Date Picker Button (Pro)
  • New field calculation order tool (Pro)
  • New option to set RTF property on form fields (Pro)
  • New options to merge & flatten layers (Pro)
  • New locale settings option in preferences


  • Measurement tools are now a Standard feature
  • Options to collapse /  minimize the ribbon toolbar
  • Option to “Include subfolder” when selecting directory for batch processing (Pro)
  • Option to “Replace page content only” when replacing pages
  • Option to create watermark in front or behind PDF content
  • Option to lock/unlock scrolling on side by side compare (Pro)
  • Option to show field tab order numbers in form editing mode (Pro)
  • Clear formatting option for text annotations
  • Additional properties now available in image properties editing dialog (Pro)
  • Ctrl + A now selects text on all pages
  • Continue scanning multiple pages when using Flatbed scanner
  • Mini toolbar now displayed when placing fields (Pro)
  • Copying and pasting Text – now preserves font, color, paragraphs

data_cloud Cloud Storage

  • Google drive storage integration
  • Dropbox storage integration
  • One Drive storage integration

Office Logo Microsoft Office

  • Option to embed fonts when converting Excel documents
  • Support for basic image formats (png, jpeg, bmp) in Excel conversion
  • Support for predefined shape objects (callout, shapes, lines) in Excel conversion
  • Support for simple EMF Images in Word conversion
  • Support for rotated and cropped images in Word conversion

Visual Comparison Tool Overlay Comparison (Pro)

  • Vector based overlay output for higher detailed comparisons (Pro)
  • Automated overlay comparison alignment tool using points on the page (Pro)
  • Overlay comparison output workflow improvements (Pro)

Prepress Print Mark Prepress / Print Production

  • New Tags Panel (tag explorer) (Pro)
  • PDF UA create tag from text selection (Pro)
  • PDF/UA verification (Pro)
  • New “Advanced” document properties tab (UA options) (Pro)
  • Imposition Tool enhancements (Pro)

contract Digital Signatures

  • DocuSign© integration including signing and sending for signatures
  • “Reason” is now displayed on digital signatures

clipboard_checks Other Enhancements

  • Ability to export form data as CSV or Text (Pro)
  • Display option to Save As when file is read only
  • Ability to add/edit custom metadata values to the PDF
  • Basic License Key Management in License Key Dialog
  • Added JavaScript support for flatten pages
  • Many internal bugs & fixes