PDF Studio 2019 has a new document Tag Explorer. This can be used to view and create PDF/UA compliant PDFs as well as tagging documents for any other needs.

Tag explorer includes creating tagged PDFs, creating/editing content tags, marking page content as artifacts, Adding alternative text to images, tables and other content to those that are visually impaired.

How to use Tag Explorer:

Created tagged PDFs:

To create tagged PDFs, click Settings icon and check “Document is tagged PDF”.


To verify if document is a tagged PDF, go to Document Properties and look for “Tagged PDF”


Create new tags:

Click Tagged PDFs panel and select “Create New tag” button

or click Settings icon -> Create new tag


A new tag dialog will display and you can select Type and Title.


To edit a tag, you can right click on the tag and select Properties.


Create and edit content tags:

  1. To create content tag, yo will need to click on “new content” icon
  2. Drag to select the paragraphs
  3. Right click and select “Tag content” option
  4. Select Type and Title -> hit OK