PDF Studio 2019 introduced a new Sanitize PDF Tool which can remove all hidden sensitive information from the PDF. This can be very useful when working with sensitive documents that you want to ensure have any possible hidden information removed.

NoteAll document changes must be completed BEFORE sanitizing the document. Once sanitization is complete it will no longer be possible to edit items on the pages as they will be converted to images. 

The sanitize function will convert all pages of the document to images removing sensitive information including the following:

  • Metadata
  • Document Info
  • Attachments
  • JavaScript Actions
  • Links
  • Form Fields
  • Comments
  • Unused Resources
  • Unreferenced Data
  • Hidden Layers
  • Hidden Data
  • Overlapping Objects
  • Embedded Search Indexes
  • Hidden Text

How to Sanitize a PDF document

  1. On the toolbar go to Secure Tab > Sanitize
  2. This will prompt you for a location to save the document
  3. Once you have set the save location for your document and click save and your document will be sanitized and saved to the location you chose.
  4. After sanitizing is complete the new file will automatically be opened for you to review

NoteTo protect the document further, you can add additional security, such as an open or password or specific permissions. See How to Secure PDF Documents for more information.