Q: Is it possible to create bookmarks with PDF Studio?

A: Yes, PDF Studio is able to create bookmarks in PDF documents. Please see below for a list of the following ways to create bookmarks using PDF Studio.

1. Create bookmarks using the Shortcut Key (Ctrl +B)

From Selected Page: Select a page from page panel and press Ctrl + B on your keyboard. A bookmark will be created corresponding to that page.

From Selected Text: Using the text selection tool highlight some text and press Ctrl + B on your keyboard. A new bookmark will be created corresponding to that page using the highlighted text as the name.

2. Create bookmarks from Menu

  1. Select a page that you need to create book mark.
  2. Go to Document -> Create Bookmark            BookMark menu5

3. Create bookmark from Bookmarks panel

  1. Go to View -> Tabs -> and select BookmarksBookMark menu
  2. Navigate to the page you need a bookmark: Click the “+” icon to add bookmark.             BookMark menu2

4. Auto create bookmarks

You could create bookmarks for all pages or specific page ranges in the document by going to Document -> Auto Create Bookmark.


5. Editing bookmarks

Change the bookmark to current selected page:

  1. Right click on a bookmark from Bookmarks panel -> select Set Destination: The Bookmark will be updated to current selected page.

You could also right click on a bookmark -> select Properties and click Edit to input new page number.

Bookmark menu4