When submitting a book for publishing some printers will require specific gutter margins or layouts. Below you can find the instructions on how to create gutter margins using PDF Studio to submit your book for publishing through Amazon/KDP.

How to Add Gutter Margins for Amazon/KDP Submission

If you give your source documents .625 inch margins on both left and right sides, when you follow the procedure below your gutter (inside) margin will become 3/4″ and your outside margin will become 1/2.” (You could start with bigger margins in your source documents, but smaller margins than .625 will cause problems in printed books.)

  1. Open the Resize Pages tool go going to Pages -> Resize Pages on the toolbar
  2. Set the following settings:
    • Pages Subset: Odd Pages Only
    • Location: Custom
    • X Offset: 0.125
  3. Click OK to apply the changes
  4. Repeat the process again for the even pages using the following settings
    • Pages Subset: Even Pages Only
    • Location: Custom
    • X Offset: -0.125
  5. Click OK to apply the final changes


Review your document in PDF Studio to double check that the wider gutter margins alternate between odd and even pages correctly. Now your document is ready to submit for publication.