Q: I would like to create a PDF document from a document that is in different file format. Is it possible to do so in PDF Studio?

A: Yes, there are many ways to create PDF documents in PDF Studio.

Creating a Single PDF

In PDF Studio, look under Create PDF -> Create PDF. You will find various options to create a PDF document:

  • BlankPage Create a new PDF from a Blank Page (and start writing or drawing on it)
  • Scanner Scan Paper Documents into PDF
  • FormImageButton  Convert Images (gif, png, jpeg, tiff format) to PDF
  • WordFile Convert Word Documents (.doc and .docx) to PDF
  • ExcelFile Convert Excel Worksheets ( .xlsx) to PDF
  • TextFile Convert Text Documents (.txt) to PDF

The various file formats are converted on the fly to PDF using our proprietary conversion technology and the resulting PDF is then opened in PDF Studio, where it can be annotated, edited and saved as any other PDF can.

CreateFromMerge Converting Multiple Files to PDF

Using the Batch Convert function, it is possible to select multiple files of any supported format and convert them to PDF files with a single click.

CreateFromMerge Converting and Merging into a Single PDF

Look under Create PDF -> From Multiple File to convert and merge multiple files into a single PDF (or user the Batch Merge function).