PDF Studio does not provide a PDF printer driver like Adobe does. In general, we found that packaging with our own PDF printer driver is not needed as nowadays the latest operating systems come with a PDF printer and most business applications include a Save As PDF function.  To print any documents to PDF on older operating systems, there a number of free PDF printer drivers, available for download. Once installed, these printer drivers will show under the list of printers in your print dialog, allowing you to save any file or web page to PDF.

On Mac

On Windows

  • Windows 10 now comes with a PDF printer. When printing just select Microsoft Print to PDF from the printer list.
  • Microsoft Office 2010 and above comes with a “Save As PDF” function in each application (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  • For Office 2007, Microsoft distributes a free add-in to Save As PDF.
  • CutePDF Writer and PrimoPDF are free PDF printer drivers that will show up under the print dialog and allow to print any file to PDF.

On Linux

  • Cups-pdf can print to PDF (Shows as a printer under your printer list)
  • OpenOffice Writer can export files as PDF.
  • LibreOffice can export files to PDF.

Installing Cups On Linux

Some users have reported the below steps for their installations:

Install On Ubuntu:

  • Uninstall ‘cups’ from the Ubuntu Software Center
  • Reboot the system
  • Re-installed ‘cups’ from the Ubuntu Software Center but this time with all available ‘Add-ons’
  • You should now be able to print using the Cups-pdf

Install On Lubuntu:

  • Open the Terminal (Alt/Ctrl/T)
  • Type “sudo synaptic package manager” & input system password.
  • Find ‘cups’ packages and install all of them
  • Apply changes (to install the packages).
  • Close synaptic package manager & exit (‘exit’) the terminal
  • You should now be able to print using the Cups-pdf