Q: How can I change the default email application to be a different email application like Thunderbird, Opera, Outlook…?

A: If you need to change the default email application used to send emails from PDF Studio:

  1. Go to File -> Preferences -> Email
  2. Select “Use other email application” option
  3. Enter the 2 command lines fields to send email with or without attachments since you must use different command lines for each of them. This can happen when running Javascript actions or when starting the mail function in PDF Studio.

See below for examples of command lines for the different operating systems and some of the common email applications.


Outlook is the default application but you can specify command lines if you wish to customize the subject of your emails, for instance, or other variables:

Command line: start outlook.exe /c ipm.note /m "&subject=$filename"
Command line (with Attachment): start outlook.exe /c ipm.note /m "&subject=$filename" /a "$filepath"


Command line: start thunderbird.exe -compose subject=$filename,attachment=$filepath
Command line (with Attachment): start thunderbird.exe -compose subject=$filename,attachment=$filepath



Command Line: thunderbird
Command Line (with Attachment): thunderbird -compose subject=$filename,attachment=$filepath


Command Line: evolution
Command Line (with Attachment): evolution "mailto:?attach=$filepath&subject=$filename"



  • PDF Studio 12 and above:
    • In the Email preferences, set the following:
      Command Line: open -a "Microsoft Outlook.app"
      Command Line (with Attachment): open -a "Microsoft Outlook.app" $filepath
  • PDF Studio 11 and below:
    • Go to Applications and change the name “Microsoft Outlook” to “Outlook”
    • On the Email preferences, set the following:
      Command Line: open -a Outlook.app
      Command Line (with Attachments): open -a Outlook.app $filepath


Command Line: open -a Thunderbird.app
Command Line (with Attachments): open -a Thunderbird.app $filepath

Adding custom variables: You can also click on “Add variable” to add some pre-defined variables.

To verify, please open a document and go to File -> Email. It will create a new email with the current document attached as a file.