Q: How can I change the default email application to different email application like Thunderbird, Opera, Outlook… using command line?

A: You need to go to Edit -> Preferences -> Email and select “Use other email application” option.

Command line email examples with a subject and an attachment

Outlook on Windows:

start outlook.exe /c ipm.note /m “&subject=$filename” /a “$filepath”

Thunderbird on Linux:

thunderbird -compose subject=$filename,attachment=$filepath

On Mac:


Command line: open -a Thunderbird.app

Command line (with attachment): open -a Thunderbird.app $filepath


  • PDF Studio 11 and below:
    • Go to Applications and change the name “Microsoft Outlook” to “Outlook”
    • On the Email preferences, set the following:
      • Command line: open -a Outlook.app
      • Command line (with attachment): open -a Outlook.app $filepath
  • PDF Studio 12 and above:
    • On the Email preferences, set the following:
      •  Command line: open -a “Microsoft Outlook.app”
      •  Command line (with attachment): open -a “Microsoft Outlook.app” $filepath

You can also click on “Add variable” to add some pre-defined variables.

Make sure to type the command in “Command line (with Attachment)” since it is a required field.

To verify, please open a document and go to File -> Email. It would create new email with the current opening file as attached file.