Q: I cannot seem to able to re-arrange pages within a PDF document using drag and drop, how can I solve this issue?

A:  If you’re seeing error message, it is most likely that your document is protected with a password and limited permissions or with a digital signature which prevent any page manipulation.


You can verify this info by going to Document Properties (File -> Document Properties). Under Permissions section, Document Assembly is not allowed.newpermission

Click Edit button and observe that the permission “Allow Document Assembly” is un-checked.



If you would like to manipulate pages in such a PDF document, follow one of the methods below:

Method 1: Change Document Permissions

If you know the permissions password, you can change the document permissions.

  • Go to Document Properties (File -> Document Properties), select Security and click Edit button, make sure “Allow Document Assembly” is checked.
  • Save the document and try to re-arrange document again.

Method 2: Clear Signature

If the document is signed, you can clear the signature before re-arranging document. This will invalidate the signature. To clear the signature, right click on signature field and select Clear Signature.

Method 3: Open with Permissions Password

If the document contains both permission password and open password, make sure to open the document with the permission password so that you can re-arrange the document. Opening a PDF in PDF Studio with the permissions password will unlock all permissions when editing a PDF document.