Here is a video tutorial showing you how to use the Action Wizard Tool, a new tool in PDF Studio 2022.

Video Transcript:

  1. Hi today I’ll be going over the Action Wizard Tool with you all which is designed to automate a series of routine tasks to be applied to a PDF.

    First I’m going to open the file I want to work on, which will be this one. Let’s say I have to go through a lot of documents that contain sensitive information and I want to add a confidential watermark to them, so instead of having to do this manually for all of my documents in PDF studio 2022 I can easily set up an action to do this for me.

  2. So first what I’m going to do is go to the File tab, go down to Action wizard, and create new action. So if we go down under pages You’ll see Watermark, so I’m going to select it and press add. Under Watermark you will find a hyperlink and it says Specify Settings. I’m going to click it and here I can make any adjustments I need, and what I want to do is just change the word “Watermark” to “Confidential”. I’m going to press OK and I’ve added my watermark.
  3. And like S said before this document has a lot of sense of information in it so I want to set up some document security, and set up a permissions password where no one can be allowed to make any changes or manipulate the document or print it as well. So what I’m going to do is go under document, select document security, and press add. Once again there’s the specify settings hyperlink. I’m going to select it and I’m going to deselect all the permissions so I don’t want the receiver to have any permissions
    because it’s a lot of sensitive information on it and I don’t want this document to be manipulated in any way or printed as well so now once I’ve deselected all the permissions I can setup a password and I’m going to press OK here.
  4. So now that that’s done I’m going to save my action and it’s going to prompt me to name it. So I’m just going to name it “Watermark and Security” and press save. I almost forgot I also want to automate it where the document is automatically saved to my preferred folder. So what I’m going to do is actually edit the action so in order to do that I’m going to select Manage Action, I’m going to make sure it’s selected here, and then I’m going to press Edit. I’m going to go down to save and select Save As and press Add. Once again we have that Specified Settings hyperlink I’m going to select it and first is going to give me some file naming options. So I can either keep the original file names or I can add to the
    original file names, I’m going to select add to original file names and I’m just going to add confidential after the original file name. And if you keep going down you’ll see the default directory, this is where you can select that folder you want the documents to be saved to. I’m going to select Confidential Documents and press Choose and press OK.
  5. So now I feel pretty confident in my action so I’m going to go ahead and run it. So I’m going to make sure run action is selected and I’m going to press the action I just created so it automatically brings me back to that document I was working on and you can go here to start the action, but also keep in mind if you want to add more files to this process you can easily open a folder and add more files to it. I’m only doing one for now. So let’s go ahead and start that action, and so now you can see that prompt for the Create Watermark and you can see the Confidential Watermark is already on the document so I’m going to press apply.
  6. It’s going to quickly move on to my document security dialog and as I said I deselected all the permissions and I already have that preset permissions password on it so I’m going to press OK, and then it’s going to move on to that folder I want to save this document to and it’s in my confidential documents folder and it added confidential at the end of that file name like I wanted so now I’m going to press Save.
  7. So there you have it, the action was performed on my document and I can easily continue on doing this process. So that’s a simple run through of our new Action Wizard Tool. There are many more actions you can utilize to automate your document process. Download pdf studio 2022 now to explore! Thank you for watching.