Q: Is there any academic discount for PDF Studio, Qoppa’s advanced PDF Editor for Windows, macOS and Linux?

A: Qoppa Software offers special pricing for PDF Studio for Academia & Non-Profit, making it a complete and affordable PDF software for all schools and non-profit organizations. PDF Studio works on Windows, macOS and Linux so everyone can work on their preferred platform!

Single User License

For single user license purchase, Qoppa offers discounts in the form of coupon codes, to be entered during checkout in our online store.

  • Discount for Student, Faculty & Staff of Academic Institutions
    Use coupon code ACADEMIA to receive a 50% discount when you checkout in our online store.
  • Discount for Employees of Non-Profit Organizations: 
    Use coupon code NONPROFIT to receive a 25% discount when you checkout in our online store.

When purchasing using any of the 2 coupons above, the email address used during purchase will be validated to verify academic and non-profit status. For this reason, customers may not receive their license key immediately.

Coupons above are valid for both new purchases and upgrades.

Coupons above are limited to a maximum of 20 licenses.

Volume License

For larger quantities, Qoppa Software offers volume discounts for PDF Studio. Email us to learn more about our volume discounts.

To deploy PDF Studio to all the student population and / or faculty and staff of a School, College or University, Qoppa has a  cost-effective Campus-Wide License for PDF Studio.

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