Instead of paying monthly subscription for Adobe® Acrobat®, consider paying only once for PDF Studio and using the software for as long as you want! PDF Studio licenses are perpetual.

Compare Adobe Acrobat and PDF Studio

  • PDF Studio Pro Edition costs only $139, this is less than 9 months of Adobe Acrobat subscription!
  • PDF Studio Standard Edition costs for $99, this is less than 6 months of Adobe Acrobat subscription!
  • Compare PDF Studio and Adobe Acrobat to make sure PDF Studio has all the features you need.
  • You decide IF / WHEN you want to upgrade. Each year, Qoppa Software releases a new version of PDF Studio with great new features but you are under no obligation to upgrade. In fact, many of our users upgrade every other year, or every 3 years and many users don’t upgrade at all!
  • You can use PDF Studio on 2 machines, on any of the following operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux!

PDF Studio is a great, affordable alternative to Adobe Acrobat!

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