Q: I am using the demo of PDF Studio Pro and am trying to split a PDF with blank pages in it using the batch split function. I have tried tolerances from 0-100, yet the software always seems to spit out a single file with watermarks.

A: The reason that the document is not being split into separate pages is because of the watermarks being added when in demo mode. When splitting documents in PDF Studio using the “Analyze Pages” option, we first convert every page to an image to then allow our software to analyze the images to determine whether or not they are blank. Since a watermark is added when running in demo mode, our image analyzer does not see the page as blank and so will not split the document.

If you would like to test this feature, you can do so by using our time-limited evaluation key to remove watermarks. To do so, just go to our demo download page here PDF Studio Download, and then follow the instructions to receive your 2 week demo license key. When you receive the license key activate the license by following the instructions here Registering PDF Studio. Once the demo key is activated, you can test the split function using the Analyse Pages feature.