PDF Studio offers advanced options in the Custom Split Dialog to split PDF documents in PDF Studio. Split configurations can be saved so they can be reapplied later on to a single document or to a batch of documents.

This process of splitting documents or separating pages is also called Document Separation.

Follow the instructions below to split a PDF in PDF Studio:

    1. Open the document you wish to split
    2. Go to Pages Tab on the Ribbon Toolbar
    3. Click Split and choose Custom Split to open  the Custom Split Dialog containing the various separation / splitting methods you can chose from:
        • Split into equal size documents – splits the document into an equal number of pages
        • Split by blank page – splits the document by blank pages
        • Split by page range – splits a document into a set of page ranges that the user defines
        • Split by bookmarks at level – splits the document by bookmarks
        • Split before text – splits a document before a specified text the user defines
        • Split after text – splits a document after a specified text the user defines
    4. Enter your preferences for Destination Folder & Name Pattern for the multiple output files                         
    5. Select Apply to start splitting your PDF document
    6. Click Save and enter a profile name if you need to save this split configuration to be reused later on