Q: I have received a time-limited evaluation key for PDF Studio. What is the easiest way to purchase and upgrade my key to a full key?

A. Upgrading your Evaluation Key into a Full Key
The easiest way to upgrade your evaluation key to a full production key, is to follow the link that was sent to you by email, when you requested your evaluation key (the subject of the email is “PDF Studio 10 Pro Evaluation”).

If you can not find this email, you may visit the following page to upgrade:

B. Warning After Evaluation is Over
If you do not purchase during the 2 weeks evaluation period, PDF Studio will start showing the following warning:
Your subscription has ended. You are currently in a grace period
that will allow you to run in full production mode.

This grace period is over after 7 days.

If you purchase during the grace period (see A), the upgrade will be transparent and you do not have to worry about entering your license key again.

C. Warning After Grace Period is Over
After the grace period is over, PDF Studio will show you the following warning:
Your subscription has ended and you are now in demo mode.
You can go to Help->License Information to try reactivating your key.
Unregistering the key there will keep this message from showing on future startups.

If you purchase after the grace period is over (see A.), go under Help -> License Information and click on the button “Reactivate License Key” to run in full production mode.