Q: How can I check what JVM is being used and how can I use a different one?

A: If PDF Studio is already installed on your machine, you can check what JVM is being used by launching PDF Studio and going to Help > About PDF Studio.

When installing PDF Studio on Linux, we recommend to use our Linux installer which comes packaged with the 1.8 Sun JVM. The JVM will be installed in the PDF Studio installation directory under a folder called /jre, and will only be used by PDF Studio. It will not affect any of your other java programs.

We have 2 installers for Linux:

  1. The Linux 32 bit installer which comes with a 32 bit JVM
  2. The Linux 64 bit installer which comes with a 64 bit JVM.

If you use our Unix installer, which comes with no JVM, PDF Studio will run using a JVM already installed on your machine.

As a note of warning, be aware that we’ve had many display issues in PDF Studio with non-Sun JVMs (Gnu or Open JDK). PDF Studio makes intensive use of all graphical features in Java and there seems to be few issues in non-Sun JVM implementations.  We’ve had reports from PDF Studio users of blank pages with red crosses in PDF Studio which indicate an error when displaying a page in PDF Studio.