Q: Why did my “enabled for Adobe Reader” setting go away after I saved a document in PDF Studio?

A:  Enabling Usage Rights in Adobe Reader is done through a proprietary and sophisticated encryption mechanism. This mechanism enabled the document to be filled and annotated in Adobe Reader but also restricts more advanced editing functions through special permissions that are different than usual PDF document permissions and passwords.

To view Adobe Usage Right Permissions in a document, go to File > Document Properties > Security.

In PDF Studio Version 9 and above, the issue mentioned above is resolved. Permissions as defined in Adobe Usage Rights are respected. PDF Studio 9 and above will preserve Reader usage right enablement. Users can also choose to clear usage rights to remove restrictions on the document by going under File > Document Properties > Security.

Version 8 and below do not enforce Usage Right permissions and so if a user edits a document in such a way that is not permitted, the document will not be “enabled” anymore in Adobe Reader.