Qoppa Software has developed its own high quality PDF to HTML5 conversion engine. Initially released in Qoppa’s PDF to HML5 conversion library jPDFWeb, the same PDF to HTML5 conversion engine has now been integrated into Qoppa’s PDF Automation Server and PDF Studio.

Converting a PDF to HTML makes it possible to easily publish the content of PDF document onto any website. While other applications offer PDF to HTML conversion not all are able to properly convert the document. Qoppa Software’s HTML5 conversion engine is able to preserve the original document’s layout (text & images) and document fonts. This makes it possible to properly display the PDF directly in the browser with no PDF viewer or plugin required!

View a comparison between the PDF to HTML output of PDF Studio vs. the PDF to HTML output of other PDF editors such as Adobe Acrobat, BlueBeam Revu, and Foxit Phantom PDF.