PC World overall verdict is that PDF Studio is among the strongest alternative to Adobe Acrobat.

The well renowned PC World magazine has featured PDF Studio on their site by doing a review of the current version, PDF Studio 2022. The article highlights the fact that PDF Studio 2022 contains many productivity hacks users can find useful. The reviewer, tech journalist Michael Ansaldo, who had not used PDF Studio in quite a while, was amazed at its highly improved interface. He said the new interface was very modern and similar to Microsoft Office, he also stated that its improvements made it a lot easier to locate all of the PDF editing tools.

Mr. Ansaldo discussed the essential and traditional tools of PDF Studio in his article such as the ability to create PDFs from scanned documents as well as its ability to convert documents to PDFs from all types of file formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, plain text files, and various image file formats. He also went into details of PDF Studio’s markup tools and freehand annotations. He listed all of PDF Studio’s trusted security features such as the option it provides to secure documents with passwords, permissions, digital signatures, and the ability to encrypt them.

Lastly, the tech journalist reviewed PDF Studio’s new features. As before he stated that majority of the new features are used to enhance all users’ productivity, users such as the average business professional or an advanced tech expert. He especially highlights the Action Wizard introduced in PDF Studio 2022. He said the feature would help users perform repetitive tasks at a fraction of the time it would take them to perform them manually. Ansaldo also spoke highly on the Document Session Manager feature, which he said is also a time saver for PDF power users. He essentially added that users that work with large multi-page documents will gladly receive PDF Studio 2022’s Automatic Table of Contents Generation.

He concludes the article by mentioning in detail the benefits of the version update’s usability enhancements. The global magazine, PC World, writer was amazed at the progress PDF Studio has made overall, you can read the full PDF Studio review on PC World now.