Q: Is there a way to install PDF Studio silently, for installations throughout an organization? We need to distribute PDF Studio to multiple computers and would like to set the key for each user upon installation.

A: PDF Studio can be installed programmatically without requiring user input.

Installing and Registering in One Step

Standard License Keys:

For a standard single user license key (the most standard type of key), follow the instructions below to install and register PDF Studio in a single step.

Special License Keys:

We also offer a special license key option for our enterprise/corporate customers (not available for purchase through our site). Using this special key, PDF Studio can be installed and registered as an administrator or root independently of the user. The license key will then be validated and saved under the installation folder of that machine. Then a copy of the key will be placed in the user home folder when the user starts PDF Studio the first time. From then on, it is important that the user home folder is persistent to guarantee that license key (as well as user settings) are retrieved correctly across sessions.

Download PDF Studio Installer

Replace in the instructions below:

  • 1234 with your license key

On Windows:

PDFStudio_win.exe -q -register 1234 -console -splash

On Linux:

sh ./PDFStudio_linux.sh -q -register 1234 -console -splash

On Mac OS X: 

*Note: On the Mac, installation and registration are completed in 2 steps.

cd to location of .dmg
hdiutil mount PDFStudio_mac64.dmg
cd "/Volumes/PDFStudio"
open -n "PDF Studio Installer.app" --args -q
cd ..
hdiutil unmount "/Volumes/PDFStudio/"
cd /Applications
open -n "PDF Studio 2018.app" --args -register 1234 -console

If you are having issue with the open command, read our other KB entry for another way to silently install and register on the Mac.

Command Line Arguments

-q means the installer is running in unattended mode, using all default options.
-console is optional and will output the folder where the application was installed as well as an installation and registration success message to the console
-dir [directory]  Only valid if -q is set. Sets a different installation directory than the default.
-register [licensekey]  Only valid if -q is set. Registers with the given license key.
-splash is optional and will show a progress bar. It has to be the last argument.

Editing the default installer options

Read this KB article regarding installing using different options than the default ones

Additional command line arguments

See list of all optional command line options for PDF Studio’s installer, or as a PDF install4j_commandline_options.pdf.