Q: When installing PDF Studio silently on multiple machines, how can I change the default installer options? For instance, how can I remove file associations?

A: After you install PDF Studio on a machine, you can find a file called “response.varfile”  under the installation folder in a folder called “.install4j”. This file contains all the parameters used during the installation.

Passing the var file through command line to specify
This file can be passed on as parameter to the installer during a silent installation (see command line below).

By default, PDF Studio installer will associate files with a pdf, fdf, xdp or xfdf extenstion to be launched with PDF Studio. The two corresponding lines in the varfile are the following:


To have no file association, you will need to change these lines to:


This is the command line to run a silent installation with the varfile as parameter:

PDFStudio_v11_0_4_win64.exe -q -register [Licensekey] -varfile [The loation of your .varfile] -console -splash

Here is a sample command line when the varfile is located on the desktop of a Qoppa user.

PDFStudio_v11_0_4_win64.exe -q -register 12345678 -varfile "C:\Users\Qoppa\Desktop\response.varfile" -console -splash

Hint: An easy way to create the varfile you need is by first installing PDF Studio”manually” with the GUI installer on a machine and then using the varfile generated to install silently on other machines.

Passing a specific option through command line
You can also pass on specific parameters directly to the installer to overwrite one default option.
For instance, to avoid creating a PDF Studio shortcut link on the desktop use the following command line option: