This video shows how to OCR a PDF in PDF Studio.

Video Transcript:

  1. Hi, today I’m going to show you how to enhance a scanned document and interact with the text in that document using the OCR feature in pdf studio. As you can see the document is a little tilted and you’re unable to interact with any of the text within the document.
  1. First what you want to do is go to the document tab, click OCR, and a list of OCR options will appear. First you want to select the language you want. Initially languages will not appear in the language box but you can download new languages at any time using the download OCR languages tab. So we’re going to click English, it’s already downloaded and the text is in English so we’re going to click English.
  1. We’re going to select the page we’re working on, I’m just going to click current page.
  1. We can edit the DPI resolution here. The standard resolution for most documents is going to be 300 but if the document happens to be really grainy or unclear you can always decrease the DPI resolution. It seems pretty decent now so I’m just going to leave it at 300.
  1. As I said before the document is a little tilted so the auto deskew images box will help straighten it. It’s usually already checked so I’m just going to keep it that way. Press ok. As you can see the document is now a lot straighter.
  1. We can also interact with the document text by going to the comment tab and selecting text. Now you can select text within a document. So say we want to extract information from the scanned document, I can now just copy and paste the information in the new document I’m working in.
  1. I can also highlight text in this document, just select highlight text and highlight the text you want.
  1. So I taught you how to enhance a document using the OCR feature as well as interact with the text within a scanned document. Thank you for listening.