Here is a video showing how to optimize a PDF in PDF Studio

Video Transcript:

  1. Welcome to PDF Studio, today I’m going to be going over the new PDF Optimizer feature that was introduced in PDF Studio 10.
    Let’s start by opening a large document that needs to be optimized, this can be any file that may need the file size reduced
  2. In this example I need to reduce the size of a PDF so that I can meet the file size requirements to send by email
  3. First we’ll take a look at the size of the document by going to Document Properties , as you can see the file size is almost 13 megabytes which is too large to send. To Optimze the document, I need to go to document optimizer and select optimize or click Ctrl + Shift. Oh here you can see all of the available options when optimizing a document.
  4. PDF comes with three standard presets that will cover most commons scenarios or you can customize any of the following options to meet your needs image processing contains the options to alter differnt image types. Based on these settings the object removal tab has more advanced options which allow you to further remove various objects from within the document. I’m going to just use the balance profile for this document. Once you’ve chosen your options click OK and set what you’d like. This file to be saved one speedy studio is finished it will open the newly optimized document.
  5. If we go to document properties again you’ll see that we have about a forty five percent decrease in size and the document is now just over seven megabytes since when use less then ten to send by email we’ve met the requirements we can check the document to make sure everything looks good by using the compare size by size feature and selecting the original document.
  6. As you can see even the decrease in size the document still looks the same just with the benefits of being much smaller. This is just one example of how the new PDF optimizer feature in PDF Studio 10 can reduce an optimized PDFs I hope you enjoy this new tool and from additional information on PDF studio. be sure to check out our online knowlege base at