Q: In PDF Studio when creating a text annotation I can only choose set font sizes like 8 or 10, but not 9. How do I set  a custom font size value for my annotation?

A: The font dropdown only includes a short list of most commonly used font sizes. However, you can easily set any custom font size of a text annotation. Use one of the two methods below to set a custom font size.

Setting custom font size on text annotation:

There are 2 ways to set a custom font size on a text annotation:

  • By typing a new font size in the font size box on the toolbar
    • Select the annotation (you can not be in editing mode with a blinking cursor)
    • Click directly in the font size box on the toolbar and type the font size you wish to use
    • Then press “Enter” to apply the changes
  • By changing the font size in the Properties dialog
    • Select the annotation
    • Open its properties by right clicking on the annotation and selecting “Properties” or clicking on the properties button (small properties icon floating at the bottom right of the annotation)
    • Then click in the font size box and type the font size you wish to use
    • Click OK to apply the changes and close the Properties dialog

Changing the default font size for text annotations:

PDF Studio also allows you to set default font properties for text annotations. For example: if you are mostly using “Arial” at font size “9” you can make it so all new text boxes (or other text annotations) will use Arial at size 9 so you don’t have to keep changing it. To do so follow the instructions below:

  • Open the tool properties in one of two ways:
    • Right clicking directly on the button (i.e. textdoc ) on the toolbar, then select “Tool Properties
    • Go do Preferences->Comments then click on the tool name to edit it’s properties
  • Then set the options you wish to have as default for that tool
  • Click OK to apply the changes and it will use those settings going forward