How can I reduce the file size of a large PDF document using PDF Studio?


There are a couple of ways to reduce the file size of a PDF document using Qoppa’s PDF editor PDF Studio Pro. See the different ways below:

  1. For a fast process, use the default settings to reduce the file size
    • Go to File in the Ribbon Toolbar
    • Click Reduce File Size
    • Choose a new file name for the reduced file
    • This will save an optimized version of the PDF to the new file

  2.  For more settings, use the Optimizer Dialog to define your own options to reduce a file size
    • Go to the Document tab
    • Click Optimize or use the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + O (Command + Shift + O on Mac)
    •  A dialog will appear in which you can define your own settings

    • After these settings are defined, the user can click Optimize and they will be prompted to select a location to save the document
    • When the save location has been selected, the user can click Save and their document will be optimized and saved in the location that was chosen
    • The new file will then open automatically with an Optimization Report displayed so the user can review the results of the new file