Q: When I use Scansnap to scan paper to PDF on macOS Sierra, the scanned pages are turned into blank pages and existing scanned pages are deleted under some circumstances. How can I solve this issue?

A: This is a compatibility problem between macOS Sierra and Fujistu Scansnap. If a PDF document has been created with Scansnap, some pages may become blank when they are edited or converted to searchable PDF files on macOS Sierra.

See more details in the following article:


To solve this issue, Fujitsu has provided the following solutions (click on the 2 links below to be redirected to Fujitsu website to read the solutions)

Read on Fujitsu Website: Some pages in the PDF files created on macOS Sierra are blank

Read on Fujitsu Website: How to fix compatibility problems with ScanSnap on macOS Sierra

PDF Studio is fully compatible with macOS Sierra. You can use PDF Studio to scan documents, create searchable PDF (OCR)… on macOS Sierra with no issues.