Q: How can I optimize more than one PDF file at a time?

A: PDF Studio 10 and above comes with a Batch Optimize option that allows you to optimize multiple PDF files at once. This is useful if you need to process many files and have them each meet specific guidelines or size requirements. To optimize multiple PDFs using the Batch Optimizer follow the instructions below.

Optimizing Multiple Documents

  1. Open PDF Studio version 10 or above
  2. On the menu bar select Batch->Optimize a Batch
  3. Optimize batch
  4. This will display the Batch Optimizer settings dialog
  5. Optimize batch settings
  6. Select the optimizer profile that you would like to use on the documents. (for more information on optimizer profiles click here)
  7. Add files to your batch
    1. Add Files – This will allow you to select individual PDF files
    2. Add Folder – This will add all PDF  files from the selected folder
    3. Drag and Drop – You can also drag and drop files directly into the dialog
  8. Next set where you would like to have your files saved to
    1. Overwrite Source Files –  This will overwrite the original files (Note: this cannot be undone)
    2. Destination Folder –  This will allow you to set a separate folder to place the optimized files. The Overwrite Files option will only overwrite files that have the same name in the destination folder
  9. Optimize batch ready
  10. Once complete click on Start….
  11. PDF Studio will then optimize all of the files in the batch using the settings you selected. Once complete you’ll receive a confirmation message showing number of files completed and number of errors if there are any.
  12. Batch completed