** Update: As of August 31 2011, the problem is resolved. Make sure you have the latest update for AVG, database version 2771/3869 or later. Click here to update AVG anti virus application version.

Today August 26th 2011, we received a few reports from customers saying that PDF Studio installations files are reported as infected by a virus (Trojan Horse Dropper.Generic4.AJES) by the scanning software AVG.

This is a false positive.

This already happened in the past (in November 2009) after AVG had put out a new update. AVG resolved it on their end and the next version (within 24 hours) fixed this.

We’re already in contact with AVG as well as the software vendor for our installer (install4j) to have this issue resolved ASAP.

We apologize for the inconvenience. This problem should be resolved soon with the next update of the AVG antivirus software.