Q: I want to show and hide fields when I check/un-check a checkbox, is it possible in PDF Studio?

A: You will need to use Javascript to determine if your checkbox is checked or not. You can follow the instructions below:

1. Create a Checkbox called Checkbox1

2. Create a TextField called TextField1

3. Right click on the checkbox -> Properties -> Select Actions

4. Select Add -> select JavaScript action from “Action” list

5. Copy and paste the following code

var visible = this.getField("Check Box1").isBoxChecked();
if (visible)
this.getField("TextField1").display = display.visible;
this.getField("TextField1").display = display.hidden;

6. Click OK to apply the changes to the button and the document.
For now, the textfield will be showed when the checkbox is checked and hidden when it is un-checked.