Q: How can I add a hyperlink to my PDF document to open either a web page or local file on the computer?

A: You can easily add a hyperlink to a webpage or file by using the Link tool in PDF Studio. To do so follow the directions listed below. 

Adding a Hyperlink to a PDF

  1. Open the document that you wish to add a link to
  2. Start the link tool by clicking on the button located on the toolbar
  3. or going to Comments->Multimedia->Link on the top menu bar.
  4. Once the link tool is active use the cursor to drag a box around the text you wish to add a link too.
  5. Once the box is drawn a Link Properties dialog will be shown.
  6. Enter the link you wish to use in the URL field and set any additional options that you wish to set for the link (Hint: Use a border of 0 to hide border). See the list below for sample links.
  7. Once complete click on OK and your link has been created.


Examples of possible links:

  • Web Address – http:\\www.qoppa.com
  • Web Hosted File – ftp:\\ftp.site.com
  • Local file on Computer – “file:c:\qoppa\temp.txt” ( for Windows) OR “file:/qoppa/desktop/temp.txt” ( for Mac)
  • Email Address – mailto:johndoe@gmail.com