The cloud is supposed to bring freedom to users, freedom to access documents from any computer, freedom to share documents with others. Today, however, many companies are using the cloud to tie customers into their own paid ecosystem in the hope of selling customers more and more services (form filling, signing, etc…) at recurring monthly or yearly fees.

Most business professionals or companies do not need to pay for all these services when the only online service they need is online storage.

Don’t get stuck with a paid online PDF service, instead consider PDF Studio’s “no-strings attached” offering:

  • One-time Purchase Fee
    A one-time purchase of a license for the current version of our software supports hundreds of PDF functions (OCR, form filling, annotating, digital signing, etc..). No upgrades or future purchases are necessary unless you choose to upgrade to the next version (at a discounted price).
  • Online Storage Freedom of Choice
    You choose your own online storage service(s) for your PDF documents. There are many choices: including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or Sky Drive. Many will offer 5GB of free storage. You can also use a shared computer and host your own internal storage with regular safety backups.
  • Easy Sync Folder 
    Most document services, , now offer a sync folder that abstract from users. Users can simply open document from the sync folder, in the same way they would from any other folders on their computer), edit them in PDF Studio and saving the document to the sync folder, it is automatically back to the online storage.
  • Most Operating Systems 
    • On Windows, Mac, Linux or Unix, Qoppa offers PDF Studio, an advanced PDF editing desktop application.
    • On the go, Qoppa offers Android apps:
      •  qPDF Viewer is a free PDF viewer for Android
      • qPDF Notes is a PDF annotating, form filling and signing app for Android

Download and try PDF Studio for free