Q: When I try to change text in one of my PDFs, I can only select and change one letter at a time and not a complete word or sentence.

Update: In PDF Studio 2018, we added inline content editing with text reflow, which should take care of this issue!

A: This is the way the text is saved in the PDF document you are working with: letter by letter. There is a string object saved for each letter. Whoever created the PDF document, inserted a string object for each letter instead of a string object for each word or even sentence which would have been a better way to create the document.

When highlighting text or extract text from a PDF document, PDF Studio will try and reconstruct the word / sentences in the text.

But when editing content, PDF Studio uses the text objects as saved in the document and allows user to edit them directly. We don’t currently reconstruct the words and sentences.

The best solution for this is to use content editing is to first delete all the letters in the word / expression / sentence you are trying to edit (to do so drag the mouse to select a few objects at a time and then delete them). Keep only the first letter and then change the text to be the whole word or sentence of what you would like it to be.