Some users have asked us if our PDF editing software for Windows, Mac and Linux, PDF Studio, can run offline, without internet connection.

The answer is yes, PDF Studio can run offline.

Manual Registration

While the most convenient way to register is with an internet connection, it is also possible to do a manual offline registration. PDF Studio only needs to check once during the registration process that your license is valid. PDF Studio’s license is based on a one-time fee, and unlike Adobe Acrobat, PDF Studio does not follow a subscription model that require to check every 30 days that your account is active.

Crippled Functions

While PDF Studio can run without internet connection, functions within PDF Studio that require internet connection will not work properly:

  • Downloading OCR language packs
  • Email a PDF through File -> Email or Emailing Support through Help -> Email Support
  • Downloading software updates through Help -> Check for Updates
  • Some features within PDF documents such as JavaScript actions that require internet access, such as submitting forms
  • In-App messaging system to check messages from Qoppa’s team announcing new releases