Q: What is PDF Studio support on Mac OS X with Retina Display high resolution?


PDF Studio 10 and Above

PDF Studio 10 and above supports Retina Display well.

Contact us if you experience any issue running PDF Studio with Retina screens.

PDF Studio 9

PDF Studio supports Retina Display quite well: rendering is in high resolution and users will be able to add annotations.

In PDF Studio 9, there are two limitations on Retina that are fixed in PDF Studio 10:

  • Icons are not in high resolution so they will appear blurry.
  • the snapshot tool does not work well. You may use the standard snapshot tool that comes with Mac OS X.

All other functions work well.

PDF Studio 8 and Previous

No support for Retina screens. The text is blurry. Adding annotations is not possible. PDF Studio 8 is unusable on Retina display.