Q: How can I move Digital IDs & Trusted Certificates that I have from my old computer to my new computer using PDF Studio?

A: Starting in PDF Studio 11 and above, you can export and import Digital IDs & Trusted Certificates using the settings in “Settings Manager”.

To do so, export preferences from your old computer and then import preferences to your new computer following the steps are below:

1. On your old computer: Go to Preferences -> Settings Manager -> check “Digital IDs & Trusted Certificates” option, select “Export”

2. Save the file anywhere on your computer. The file extension should be “.zip”

3. Copy the generated settings file to the new computer use a USB drive (or any other method)

4. On your new computer: Go to Preferences -> Settings Manager -> under Restore section, select “Import”

5. Select the “.zip” file created in step 2 and click open to import the settings

NOTE: When importing Digital IDs, all current Digital ID settings will be overwritten by the imported settings file.

If you’re using PDF Studio 10 and below, please follow the instructions HERE