PDF Studio 9 was released on March 21 2014.

Download PDF Studio 9

Customers who bought PDF Studio 8 after Dec 1 2013 get a free upgrade to version 9.  Contact PDF Studio Support with any question.

Form fields
New Form Designer toolbar to create text fields, check boxes, radio buttons, lists, combo boxes, buttons and signatures fields.

What’s new in PDF Studio 9?

Create PDF Forms Pro
Create interactive PDF forms with our new interactive form designer. Automate paper-based workflow and directly receive electronic data from your partners, employees or customers. JavaScript is supported for form fields formatting, validation or calculation.  PDF Studio creates PDF acroforms and can convert existing static xfa forms to acroforms for editing.

Check out our introduction video here PDF Form Field Editor / Designer for Mac, Windows, Linux

Add redaction annotations and apply them to permanently remove sensitive text, images and shapes from PDF documents

Redact PDF Content Pro
The new redaction feature makes it easier for users to permanently remove sensitive information from PDF documents.

  • Add redaction annotations to cover an area on a page. The area can contain any PDF objects such as text, image, or shape objects.
  • Apply the redaction annotations to remove the underlying content that intersects with the area redacted.

PDF/A Support Pro

  • Verify PDF/A compliance (for archiving) with document preflight.
  • Create PDF/A compliant documents.
  • Read more about PDF/A support

Security Enhancements

  • Apply Pro and verify digital signatures with a time-stamp authenticated by a trusted, independent authority. Many security standards now require this added level of security to encrypt administrative and legal documents.
  • (Windows, Mac) Support for operating system root certificates when validating signatures.
  • (Windows, Mac) Support for operating system digital IDs, including hardware keys, when applying signatures Pro.
  • Apply Pro certifying signatures. This is the first signature on the document placed by the document creator and allows to define changes allowed to the certified document.
  • Preserve on Save, enforce and clear document usage rights for Adobe Reader. Read more about PDF Document Permissions.
  • Validation of multiple digital signatures.
  • Support for security-enabled college textbook PDFs
  • Support for latest AES 256 encryption
Quick Annotations Properties Toolbar
Quick Annotations Properties Toolbar to easily change common properties such as colors, line width, transparency


Annotations Enhancements

Faster Annotation Editing

A new toolbar allows easy access to common annotations properties such as fill and border color, border width, and font size. The properties toolbar will show in the bottom right most section of your toolbar, but can also float anywhere on your screen.

A new user-friendly color chooser shows a wider palette of standard colors and remembers the last sixteen custom colors across sessions.

Many Other Annotation Improvements:

  • Greatly improved pencil annotation for handwriting and signatures:
    • smooth lines and curves rendering
    • resize by dragging the annotation corner
  • Markup text is automatically copied into the annotation’s note (see Edit-> Preferences -> Annotations).
  • Resize annotation note popup
  • Show total number of comments in the comments pane
  • Improved rotation for My Comments/Recent comments when placed on a rotated page
  • Save text markups in My Comments – add multiple highlight colors so you can easily add different colors to a document
  • Sticky option for text markups and My Comments
  • Lock annotation properties
  • Set annotation border to non-integer values (like 1.5px)
  • Show a selection border for border-less text boxes
  • Double-click annotation in the comments pane to open the note dialog; use space bar to toggle the checkbox
New Edit Interactive Objects Tool to select and work with annotations and form fields.

New Tool: Edit Interactive Objects
Select individual or multiple annotations and form fields to move or edit their properties.  Click on a single object, or drag to select multiple objects.  This tool will make it easier to select and align multiple form fields or annotations, move links and signature fields, and make a quick edit on a form field’s properties without going into Form Editing mode.

Align and resize multiple annotations at once
Align and resize multiple annotations at once
Crop pages
New crop function with preview marks on the PDF page

Preview Crop
The redesigned crop feature now displays preview marks for the new margins on the page. Crop is also un-doable in this version.

User Interface / Experience improvements

  • Tooltips for Bookmarks and Attachment names in the left pane for easier reading
  • Page down/up with Space/Shift+Space; zoom in and out with Ctrl+Plus and Ctrl+Minus
  • Show all attachments in Attachments pane, whether added as file or note
  • List of open documents in the Window menu
  • Open multiple files at once from the file chooser on Linux and Windows
  • Option to display first page on the right when in Facing view
  • Toolbar buttons for next/previous view (previously only View menu items)
  • Support multi-touch zoom for Mac trackpads
  • Set custom PDF display DPI

Additional Improvements and fixes

Export bookmarks
Bookmarks pane now allows to export bookmarks to text or xml files
  • Allow to open password protected textbooks and e-books from online universities, such as the University of Phoenix, using a Vitrium DRM.
  • New Split document option for After specific text
  • Export and print bookmarks tree and comments list
  • Remember bookmark tree node settings
  • On Windows, option to send emails through Outlook when emailing documents, if Outlook is the default mail application
  • Enhanced JavaScript support: Doc.submitForm, Doc.addField, app.Response, page open and close actions
  • Increased performance on larger documents
  • Improved performance on very large JPGs
  • New command line arguments to open document at specified page and/or zoom level
  • Fixed some instances where bookmarks did not go to the right location
  • Faster text search; warn when a document has no text to search or markup
  • Fix for issue that occasionally caused text stamps to display as “Draft” when edited in other applications
  • Improvements in file chooser dialog: include files with upper-case extensions (Linux), attempt to open PDFs with no extension or an unknown extension.
  • Clear signature fields when resetting form fields
  • Batch file names padded with 0 for easier sorting
  • Remove Acrobat.com integration – the API was discontinued
  • Make sure horizontal scroll bar appears when adding a new, much larger page
  • Fix for some documents printing letters upside down
  • Fix for some documents made by FileMaker Pro and PDF Creator Ultimate not displaying correctly
  • Fix for displaying header/footer after OCR
  • Allow OCR for pages that already have some text content included
  • Improved Word to PDF conversion