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New Major Features in Version 9

  • Interactive Form Designer (pro)
  • Advanced Redaction (pro)
  • PDF/A Validation and Conversion (pro)
  • Security Enhancements (pro)
  • Annotations Enhancements
  • Crop Function with Preview
  • And many more new features and enhancements…

Full Change Log for Version 9

Release 9.2.2 – April 14 2015
Exporting Comments to XML: During export special characters (“,’,<,>,&) were not being escaped correctly creating an invalid XML file
Linux: Fixed issue where on some scanners the DPI was always limited to 75
Fixed issue with content changes not being committed when exiting the application by clicking the ‘x’ on the window
Fixed issue where links with “Go to Page” actions were not always created correctly
Fixed international label in text extraction progress dialog

Release 9.2.1 – December 9 2014
Windows: Updated Qoppa Software’s Symantec certificate, as our expired certificate would give an “Unknown Publisher” warning when installing PDF Studio on Windows.
Regression (Linux): After the changes made in 9.2, when scanning to PDF, existing Linux users would get an warning message “eu/gnome/morena/Configuration”.
When exporting comments to FDF and immediately saving the document, the saved PDF was sometimes corrupted.
When scanning into a new PDF, trying to edit content would not work, until the document was saved.


Release 9.2.0 – November 20 2014

Windows: Support for WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) scanning
Mac: Support for ICA (Image Capture Acquisition) scanning
Some improvements to the scanning process including remembering the default scanner for Twain
Mac Yosemite: New 64-bit installer, does not prompt to download Java
Mac: Crisp text highlights on the Mac when PDF Studio is installed using the 64-bit Mac installer
A few improvements in the registration process
Pencil / ink annotations were sometimes cut-off due to curve smoothing
Regression Bug: Allow to search text when text extraction is not allowed in document security
Regression Bug: Printing Preferences “Expand to Margins” not working
Regression Bug: Linearizing document with change permissions not allowed throws error and creates null document
Regression Bug: Unable to search text when document permission do not allow to extract text
Document Specific: Text being rendered upside down
Document Specific: Unable to open document signed by DocuSign


Release 9.1.0 – August 11 2014

Improved performance when opening a PDF document containing lots of annotations, the first page will render much faster.
New Batch OCR function allowing to add searchable text to a batch of PDFs at once.
New Batch PDF/A Conversion allowing to convert a batch of PDF to the PDF/A format at once.
New option to replicate / repeat form fields on multiple pages. Look for the new “Duplicate” entry in the field mouse context menu.
Ability to configure which CJK fonts to use in PDF Studio by default (when the CJK are not embedded in the document).
Some improvements to PDF Studio’s Word to PDF converter.
(Mac) Text sizing was sometimes incorrect on the Mac for text added by the OCR function.
(Mac) Text highlights were sometimes printing opaque on the Mac (using an alpha composite).
Button fields with images can now be copied and edited. It is also possible to associate a PDF, or any supported file types in PDF Studio, for the image of the button field.
Better handling of font reading errors when displaying the font list under Document Properties -> Fonts tab.
The polyline tool was using the preferences defined for the polygon tool.
Cloud and Distance annotations were using the same shortcut key.
Fix an issue with the JavaScript calc method not taking into account all fields (terminal fields were ignored).
No more diagonal watermark in evaluation mode (the demo header remains).
Vertical text would sometimes display too bold due to an issue with misinterpreting the outline width property.
It was not possible to hide alignment toolbar under Preferences -> Toolbars.
It was not possible to turn of “stickiness” on the Redaction tool.
Consolidate export options for Comments under the main menu and the comments pane.
When no document is open, Forms -> Create / Edit Form will now create a new empty form. There is no need anymore to create a new document before switching to the form editor mode.
Navigation issues with Page Up and Page Down keys when in facing mode or zoomed out when in single mode.
When adding AES 256 encryption to a PDF with a permission password but no open password, the encrypted document required a password to open in other PDF viewers.
When the redaction tool is active, clicking the CTRL key will force the cross cursor / drag mode for rectangular selection and forget the cursor selection.
Add red border for required signature fields.
Fix issue with  saving non-latin character under Document Properties.
Some certificates were not read properly after we upgraded to the latest Bouncy Castle libraries leading to an invalid signature appearance.

Document Specific Fixes:
Document initial view was not always set properly upon opening a document.
Allow validation of certificate that was issued by a CA, but where the CA’s certificate is not included in the chain.
Issue with document display after signing and reopening document with facing view mode.
Converting a specific file to to linearized was causing a stack overflow.
Some fields missing appearance streams and font information were not displayed properly on form LPA114.
NullPointerException when printing a PDF due to an exception in the getClipBounds method.
Text in form fields stretched vertically.
Incorrect tab order due to a page rotated not taken into account.
Fix exception “Missing AES Cipher: Given Final Block Not Properly Padded.” on Form I130.
Fix issues with text editing and undo.


Latest Release 9.0.2 – May 12 2014

Fixes and Minor Improvements:

Added JavaScript support for which can be used to add an image icon to a button (make sure “image” is enabled under option so the icon on the button shows).
Added more error details in the Batch Result Error Dialog when a file fails.
Focus issue when opening PDF documents not in the first frame but in subsequent frames which was affecting keystroke navigation.
Navigation issue with Page Up/Down not working correctly in Facing, Single and Cover page modes. To fix this on the Mac, we removed the grow box, which was no longer needed since Mac Lion 10.7 was released, we kept the grow box on Snow Leopard 10.6.
Loupe tool in the form editing view not working in the form editor mode.
Document Specific: Fix issues with PDFs containing negative font size affecting text search, text highlight, redaction and printing (used to print reverse).
Document Specific / Mac Only: Regression issue when printing specific certain scanned PDF documents on the Mac. This issue was introduced with the new rendering algorithm in version 9 which improved memory and performance when rendering big images.  It seemed to print a mostly white page as it kept on printing the same horizontal area over.
Document Specific: Issue when opening form which contained a field marked as sub-type field but nonetheless contained children (this is not correct according to the PDF specs).
Mac 64bit installer (beta installer) Fix issue with OCR for which the error log was: Library not loaded: /opt/local/lib/libtiff.3.dylib.

Release 9.0.1 – April 10 2014

Fixes and Minor Improvements:
Ability to customize page thumbnail size beyond the 3 standard options (small, medium, large), using the scroll-wheel (CTRL + scroll on Windows and Linux, ALT + scroll on Mac) .
Fix issue with installer where it would sometimes hang in the update scheduler screen.
Show font name for Type3 fonts when available under Document Properties -> Font List.
Some minor improvements around annotations alignment, especially when resizing lines and arrows.
Fix for JavaScript Issue with Form 1040.
Fix issue when scanning in Gray under Linux (java.lang.ClassCastException: java.awt.image.ComponentColorModel cannot be cast to java.awt.image.IndexColorModel).
Fix issue when trying to save as some PDFs  (Headless reference can not be written).
In the Convert to PDF/A dialog, clicking “x” on top right corner will now cancel the conversion process.
Fix an issue with upside-down header and footers in specific PDF documents.
Fix an issue when opening specific PDFs containing inline images (Illegal character ‘>’)
Fix issue where any error during scanning would display as a “System Error” instead of a more detailed, informative message (such as no scanner installed or scanning cancelled).
Internal fixes.

Original Release 9.0.0 – March 28 2014
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