Ray Ambrosi, a long time user of PDF Studio, recently wrote a review about PDF Studio.

Here is an extract of Ray’s review:

After using PDF Studio extensively for several years, I have come to rely on it as my preferred PDF software for reading and editing PDF documents on my computer (…).

Why do I like it:

  • light use of system resources
  • cross platform design will run on Linux, Windows and Mac
  • considerably less expensive than Adobe Acrobat and thus represents a good balance between overall cost and performance/features
  • license allows you to switch among different computers running Windows, Mac and Linux
  • includes OCR function to convert scanned text documents into readable text
  • highlighting tool allows user to highlight using different colors
  • PDF Studio can often open PDF documents that Adobe Acrobat claims are damaged and cannot be opened


PDF Studio is also significantly cheaper than Adobe Acrobat and because it’s been around now for years, it’s quite a mature, well thought out product.

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