Q: I am getting an error that says “Missing Font”.  Why is this happening?

A: The document is calling for a font that is not embedded in the document and not present on the computer. When the font is not embedded in the document, PDF Studio looks for fonts under the operating system fonts (i.e., all the fonts in Microsoft Word in the font combo box).  If the font is not an OS font, PDF Studio will report a “Missing Font” error. According to the PDF specifications, such a PDF is a malformed document and the creator of the document should correct this document by embedding the font.

A possible workaround for this problem is to open the document in Adobe Reader which ships with many non-standard fonts. Then print the document to PDF using a PDF printer driver such as Adobe PDF printer driver (not free) or CutePDF (free). Note that PDF printer drivers show in the printer list under the print dialog allowing to print documents to PDF in the same way as sending documents to the printer. Macs have a built-in “Save as PDF” print output option. The new PDF document should have the non-standard font embedded in the document and will open in PDF Studio.