Q: Just wanting to ask how licensing works for your PDF editor in a Citrix environment? We have 40 users and 7 servers. Will we require 40×7 licenses to register so when a user logs on to any server that user + computer name combination is covered?

A: In this type of environment, we license PDF Studio by end-users, rather than machines, so if you have 40 end users total, then you would only need 40 licenses.

When you install and register PDF Studio on each Terminal server using the command line registration, the license information is saved under the installation folder. As users launch PDF Studio on any of the Terminal servers, they will automatically register PDF Studio. The user licenses are saved under user home folders and assuming that these folders are preserved / persistent across servers (they should in order to save user settings and preferences), user licenses will work across servers / machines.

If you run into any issue, contact us and we can issue a different type of license key that will work for your users in your environment.