The answer is no.

There has been a lot of discussions about Java vulnerability, but this is all related to running Java in your web browser. Any time users run something on internet,  they have to be very careful as to what program they trust to run in the web browser.  Oracle has been adding a lot of critical security features to Java when it runs in a browser, to make sure users are aware of what is running and who is the author of such programs.  The intent is to give users enough information to make a decision whether to run the components. Unfortunately, the discussions have contributed a lot to making Java look less safe, even though the changes to Java have actually made it more safe.  In truth, users have to be extremely cautious when running any program on the internet, whether they use Java or any other technology, and make sure to read all the security prompts.

PDF Studio does not run in this context.  PDF Studio is a standalone desktop application that happens to use Java, as the programming language that it is written in.  PDF Studio comes packaged with its own version of Java, which is installed under the PDF Studio installation folder and which does not get used by any other application or browser.  This creates no internet or browser vulnerability. Java desktop programs run just like any other desktop program, so it is no different than installing and running any other application developed using any other technology.