UPDATE: PDF Studio 12 was released will full support for 4K monitors (HiDPI Displays) for any OS that supports display scaling.

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The below article is about PDF Studio 11…

Q: Does PDF Studio 11 work with 4k monitors?

A: PDF Studio 11 currently has partial support for 4K monitors (High DPI Resolution Displays). While the application will run correctly, there may be display issues with some dialogs that will not be sized correctly and some of the cursors used in the application may appear very small. The amount of issues experienced will depend on the size of the monitor with larger displays having less problems than smaller screens such as laptops or tablets.

PDF Studio 11 Workarounds

Some initial fixes and support have been released in the latest update of PDF Studio 11 (version 11.0.6). To make sure you have the latest update go to Help->Check for Updates.

  • Make sure you have the global system scaling value set. All applications (including PDF Studio) use the system scaling value set to calculate sizes for the application.
    • Windows: Look in the Display in the Control Panel or Settings and look for an option called “Custom Scaling Level” or something similar
    • Mac: This value is set automatically and cannot be changed
    • Linux: OS scaling support settings will vary depending on the distribution. Some example setting locations:
      • Ubuntu: System Settings > Screen Display
      • Mint: Settings > General > User interface scaling > HiDPI
      • Debian: As of Debian 8 (jessie) no options available.
  • Increase the size of the toolbar icons manually by going to Edit->Preferences->Toolbars and setting the icon size to XLarge.

Version 12 will have full support for 4K monitors.