Q: Is Master PDF Editor for Linux free?

A: No, Master PDF Editor is NOT free. The paragraph below can be found on the purchase page of www.code-industry.net, the publishers for Master PDF Editor:

Generally we provide fully-functional trial copies of our commercial software for immediate download, so you are welcome use a trial copy for evaluation purposes for a period of 30 days. If you like our software and wish to continue to use it beyond the trial period, you need to purchase a license. […] After your order has been completed, you will automatically receive your registration code via e-mail.

Is Master PDF Editor Free for Non-Commercial Use?

This is unclear, really. The application is being transitioned between free and commercial license and this question remains a bit vague at the moment.

On this download page, one can read “Free version can be used only in non-commercial purposes, for example in educational purposes or at home. In this connection some functions are locked in free version. In order to use the application in commercial purposes and with its full functionality you have to purchase a license.”

Benefits from “Being Free”

There are many reviews and postings online about the free Master PDF Editor. Master PDF Editor greatly benefited in terms of visibility on the net from being free and then publishers changed to a commercial license.

No Address

Note that there is no address listed on the website for Code Industry LTD.

Suggested Alternative

If you’re going to pay for a Linux PDF editor, we suggest that you look at our software PDF Studio as an alternative. PDF Studio supports many more features than Master PDF Editor and is very user friendly. It is a great alternative to Adobe Acrobat for Linux and Ubuntu. Qoppa Software’s PDF Studio has never been free but was always offered at an affordable, competitive price, especially when you consider the hundreds of features that PDF Studio supports. We believe that there’s value in being up-font and straight-forward!