Q: We receive invoices from our suppliers in a PDF format. Sometimes there is only 1 invoice in the PDF file and other times there may be 2 or more invoices. Also each invoice could be a single page or a multiple page. If there are multiple invoices in one PDF there is no separator page or bookmark to indicate the end of one invoice and the start of the next. How can we split the invoices using PDF Studio?

A: You can add bookmarks to the documents at the locations where they need to be split and then our software can split the document based on the bookmark locations.  In PDF Studio, go to the first page of each invoice and press Ctrl+B to add a new bookmark.

We have two products that can do the splitting of the documents using bookmarks:

  • PDF Studio can split documents based on bookmarks. It can do this on the currently loaded document, or a batch of documents. PDF Studio does require direct interaction with the program, however, in the case of batch splitting, you just  need to get the process started and the software will go through all the documents in the batch.
  • Our server product, PDF Automation Server, can process documents unattended. The server can be set up to watch a folder for incoming documents and process any documents that are dropped in the folder.  Using the server, you would insert bookmarks into the documents and then save them to a network folder. PAS would be watching this folder and would split the documents and save the results where you have specified in the project.