Download Version 8

What’s New in Version 8?

  • OCR for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
  • Support for JavaScript in interactive forms for fields formatting, calculation and validation
  • Major redo in text selection, now cursor based option and column support
  • Huge improvements in performance and memory
  • New display options (look and feel)
  • New pan and zoom tool
  • Undo!
  • Remove watermarks and headers / footers
  • Arrange windows in cascade / tiles (on all operating systems)
  • Option to create rotated text and image stamps
  • Option to save PDF document as linearized for optimized web viewing
  • Many enhancements around interactive forms


Latest Release 8.4 – April 28 2014

  • New redesigned Crop with Preview feature now displays preview marks for the new margins on the page. Crop is also un-doable in this version.
  • Fix issue with adding headers / footers or watermarks to a PDF after OCR, they were sometimes invisible.
  • Fix issue when changing only line width of graphical annotations and no other properties (it will display correctly but not save correctly).
  • Fix some CIDType2 fonts issues.
  • Fix translation issue with JavaScript enablement flag.
  • Some improvements with the un-registration process.

Version 8.3.2 – Released September 20 2013
This version being very minor, it was only released as a new download, not as an update.
Existing customers wishing to upgrade to the latest version, may download and install this version directly from our website.

  • Document -> Add Blank Page would sometimes add the new page at the end of the document instead of after the selected page.
  • Improvements were made to our registration process such as the ability handling ‘terminal server’-type environment and better logging in case of activation problem.

Version 8.3.1 Linux, Unix Only – Released September 16 2013

  • (Linux, esp Ubuntu 12.04 and higher and Unix) Improved text highlights to be more crisp and clear. Advanced users, note that if you had edited the vm options file to allocate more memory to PDF Studio, this will be overwritten by this update. You will need to edit the file again.

Version 8.3 – Released July 03 2013

  • On Linux, default look and feel is now set to Nimbus instead of GTK. Read more about the dark unreadable menu issue in java in Ambiance theme starting in Ubuntu 12.04.
  • Fix issue when opening protected forms for which form filling was disabled. This was an issue with PDF documents signed with Echosign, for example.
  • Fix issue with initial view settings, document would not open to the specified page.
  • Fix issue with interactive combo fields where the down arrow would show even when not in edit mode (this issue only happened in some JavaScript enabled forms).
  • Fix issue with the crop function that would crop all pages even when only a subset of pages were selected.
  • Fix some issues with form submission HTML responses.
  • Fix “Unrecognized postscript command: le” error that occurred on some documents .
  • Fix ClassCastException error when editing text for some specific text objects.
  • Tweaks to registration process: more user-friendly, easier for enterprise distribution, try when possible to un-register on uninstall.
  • In batch processes, suffix that was appended to output file names (ie “_header” for a header batch) was removed . This only happened when the overwrite flag for file names was unchecked.
  • Fix an issue with Adobe Reader enabled documents: such PDFs can not be secured (to avoid encryption problems).
  • Fix issue with Bates Numbering when applied to a batch: Bates number would not carry over from one document to the next.

Version 8.2.2 – Released April 18 2013

  • (Mac) Improved text highlights to be more crisp and clear.
  • More Undo / redo functionality:
    • Improved undo for text editing and copying / pasting content editing.
    • Fixed issue with undo stack being cleared after rotating a page.
  • Restored some missing translations (German, French, Spanish, Italian) that were lost in v8.2.0.
  • When exiting the application and choosing to save your changes, if PDF Studio encountered any issue during save (e.g., if the file was locked), the application would exit anyway.  With the new version, PDF Studio will give the following warning message: “the process cannot access the file because if it is being used by another process”. Users then have the opportunity to save changes under a different file name or resolve the lock issue.

Version 8.2.1 – Linux Only. Released March 6 2013

  • (Linux) Fix hanging issue when downloading OCR languages with no write permission.
  • (Linux) Fix glibc library dependency issue on older version of Linux.
  • (Linux) Don’t overwrite any updated launch vm option on  software update (advanced users only).

Version 8.2.0 – Released February 15 2013


  • OCR for Mac OSX [Pro Only]
  • OCR for Linux [Pro Only] (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • Round corners on text highlights
  • Fix issue with registration introduced with our new website.
  • (Linux) New options for scanning under Linux. PDF Studio will show the scanning options supported by the scanner such as image resolution, color and scan source (flat bed or automatic document feeder).
  • Fix issue with Batch crop and rotated pages.
  • Watermarks and header & footer applied through Batch Watermark are now removable.
  • Fix issue with editing a rotated text markup where rotation was sometimes not preserved.
  • Fixed “jumping” issue when editing font size of a typewriter annotation when zoomed in.
  • Internal bug fixes.

Version 8.1.0 – Released January 18 2013
Version 8.1.1 [Windows Only] – Released January 18 2013

  • OCR for Windows [Pro Only]: Turn your scanned documents into searchable PDFs with PDF Studio new OCR function. OCR or “Optical Character Recognition” will recognize the text from scanned images and insert text content into PDF that can then be searched or marked up. Read more about OCR.
  • Improved registration process.
  • Fixed issue with page range in Document -> Extract Page function.
  • Fixed issue with text selection / highlight sticking in alternate rectangular selection mode after saving.
  • Fixed issue with editing Bates Numbers and other variables in Header and Footers.
  • Internal fixes.

Version 8.0.3 – Released December 21 2012

  • Fix Ubuntu text markup issue: Only happens on some Ubuntu Linux distributions. Text highlight does not work and application appears to freezeRead more about this small fix.

Version 8.0.2 – Released December 18 2012

  • Fix issue with application closing after clicking on Edit->Preferences (only happened after cancelling out of a scan).
  • Fix issue after applying measuring and polygon annotations. Focus issues were interfering with undo shortcut keys.
  • Improved registration process to:
    • Allow for key validation on launch when no network connection is enabled. Please note that the initial registration does requires to be online.
    • Improve on messages and logs when any error happens during registration.

Version 8.0.1 – Released December 7 2012

  • Fix text selection issue: When using text selection or text markups on pages that did not have any text content, PDF Studio rendering would ge in a bad state, appearing frozen and requiring users to exit and restart the application.

Version 8.0.0 – Released June 21 2012