Download PDF Studio 7

New Features in Version 7

  • Content Editing (Text, Images and Shapes) [Pro Only]
  • Manual Redaction (Text, Images) [Pro Only]
  • UI Enhancements and Customizations: Customizable Toolbars, Look & Feel
  • Loupe Tool
  • Compare Side by Side
  • Email PDFs As Attachments
  • Batch Convert to PDFs [Pro Only]
  • And Many Many Improvements…

Release History

Version 7.4 – Released April 10 2012

  • Tabbing Through Fields: When tabbing to navigate through fields in an interactive form, if the field is a single line text field, the contents of the field is now selected. This will help when editing data within form fields.
  • Submit Forms: Support for Submit and Reset button actions in interactive PDF forms and receiving data back from the server in FDF, XFDF, HTML format.
  • Document Properties XMP Meta Data: When creating new documents or updating existing document properties, PDF Studio creates or updates the XMP metadata so both document’s properties dictionary and XMP meta data are kept in synch.
  • Tool Chest: Recent Comments and My Comments under the toolchest now show the text note associated with each comment as a tooltip so users can distinguish them easily.
  • Text Selection and Highlight: Text selection area was off when compared to the mouse cursor making it difficult to select text on a page. Introduced in version 7.
  • Internal Links & Bookmarks:
    • When merging multiple documents through Document -> Append Document, some links were broken.
    • Better handling of bookmarks and go to page actions which should improve bookmarks retention when inserting and deleting pages.
  • Word to PDF Conversion: Many improvements in our proprietary Word to PDF converter including support for additional image types, border widths in tables, lines, rectangle and elliptical shapes, justified list paragraphs, paragraph borders, justified text in table cells and a few bug fixes.
  • Page Down: When in continuous view with a zoom of “Fit to Page”, Page Down would scroll a few pixels more than the page length creating a lag that accumulated while paging down the document.
  • Removing Images, Attachment: When deleting an image rubber stamp, the image bytes associated with it is now removed from PDF document content. When deleting a file attachment annotation, the corresponding file content is now removed from the PDF document content.
  • Annotations Modified Date: The PDF format only has a modified date, there is no creation date for annotations. The modified date is now updated every time an annotation gets modified.
  • Mac UI: On Mac, components were not positioned correctly on the Create Text Stamp and Create Image Stamp dialogs.
  • Replace Pages: Improved warning message when replacing pages from a protected document (assembly not allowed) and stop the merge process before it even starts.
  • Batch Preflight [Pro]: Batch Preflight dialog would not open sometimes. Introduced in version 7.
  • Batch Print [Pro]: Batch Print dialog would request a destination folder if a destination folder had not been set in any other batch dialogs. Introduced in version 7.
  • Scrambled Image: Fixed issue with image decoding for specific images with CCITFaxDecode compression. Introduced in version 7.0.
  • Rubber Stamp: Sometimes when applying a stamp, the stamp will be larger than expected and placed at the top left corner of the page.
  • Import / Export Form Fields:
    • Radio Buttons can have an array of export values. PDF Studio now converts the stored value to the export value when we export to another format (fdf, xfdf, etc). PDF Studio also converts it back on import.
    • Fixed a null pointer exception when exporting check boxes with a null value to an FDF file.
    • Fixed issue with importing an XDP file into an XFA form PDF when multiple fields shared the same name.
  • Content Editing Round-Off: Now will properly round-off the following properties in content editing: border width attribute for path objects and outline width under the text objects.
  • Document Modified: PDF documents were sometimes marked as modified when they weren’t. This happened for instance when extracting pages or emailing a document. Introduced in version 7.
  • Email Settings: When clicking the email button or File -> email, users get a prompt to enter their SMTP info if they haven’t already set this up. Once that info is entered and the user clicks OK, the email dialog will pop up immediately after.
  • Better Error Handling in Forms Widgets: Handle gracefully any exception when parsing appearance streams for form widgets and annotations.
  • Form Field Alignment / Positioning:
    • Cursor alignment and text highlight was incorrect when editing centered or right justified interactive form fields.
    • Fixed a bug with text positioning for text field with specific margin and border properties.
  • Opening Multiple Documents : When launching the application with multiple documents at once (via dragging and dropping or selecting multiple documents and opening them), PDF Studio had a few issues:
    • Header/Footer, Watermark and stamps menus were not displayed correctly in some frames.
    • “Error loading PDF Null” on a given document would happen on occasion.
  • Infinite Loop: Fixed infinite loop when saving document while the drawing tool for the ink annotation was active.
  • Email Issue: Fixed issue when server was returning an empty Max Message Size for emails instead of returning a null value.
  • Dynamic Font Sizing Minor Fix: When landing on a field and then exiting without making any changes the font of the field was being resized.
  • Many Internal Fixes and Improvements.
Version 7.3.1 – March 1 2012
  • Text Edit [Pro]: Sometimes, our PDF font engine needs to add space characters to represent empty white space between characters within text content strings. When this happened, PDF Studio would identify the added space characters as invalid and would not let users edit these strings.
  • Color Chooser Component: When editing annotations colors, recent color swaps were not remembered within the color chooser component. Recent colors will now be remembered within a session (until PDF Studio is exited).
  • Preflight [Pro]: When derived, type1 fonts were not reported as embedded in the preflight report.
  • Media Toolbar: In some rare circumstances due to specific buttons visibility settings within the media toolbar, PDF Studio would not start.
Version 7.3 – January 27 2012
  • Fixed issue with Google Docs: When uploading PDF documents to Google Docs, an error would appear stating that “Files must be uploaded using the resumable upload mechanism”. This issue didn’t happen for Google Docs “Premier” accounts. It only seemed to affect non-Premier accounts holders.
Version 7.2 – January 24 2012
  • Remember Last Tool Used: Grouped buttons on the toolbar will now remember the last tool used after restarting PDF Studio.
  • Fixed a few issues with SMTP connections in the newly added email function.
  • Fixed an issue with image removal.
  • Fixed issue when trying to save annotated documents in the side by side comparison view.
Version 7.1 – January 6 2012
  • Support for Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger and 10.5 Leopard: Restored support for Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger, 10.5 Leopard Power PC and 32-bit.

Version 7.00 – Released December 19 2011

PDF Studio 7 is packed with new features and improvements.


  • Content Editing (Text, Images and Shapes) [Pro Only] – Manipulate the objects in your PDF documents with the new Edit Content tool. Using this tool, you can select single or multiple objects such as text, image, or path objects and move them around or delete them.
    • Edit and delete text
    • Change text properties such as color, line width, font size
    • Manual redaction for text and images (remove from content or apply black rectangle)
    • Move, resize, and save images
    • Move, resize shapes and path objects
  • UI Enhancements and Customizations
    • Customizable Toolbars – Customize toolbar visibility and grouping to suit your preferences and the way you work with PDF Studio. This feature can be accessed by right clicking on the toolbar or from the view menu.
    • Customizable Look & Feel – Choose your favorite Look and Feel among our new options.
    • Updated Preferences Dialog – The new design of the Preferences dialog comes in a list layout which makes it easier to find and set options.
    • Identify Secure Documents – (SECURED) is displayed after the PDF document name in the title frame allowing users to immediately identify documents secured with passwords. This should help users understand why they can’t make some changes when viewing encrypted files.
  • Loupe Tool – Easily magnify small details on a PDF document. The loupe lool displays a magnified portion of the PDF that matches the area of the adjustable rectangle in the document window. This tool will be useful in a number of industries such as printing, graphics, electronics, and biology.
  • Compare Side by Side – Compare two versions of a PDF with our new side by side view. With synchronized scrolling, you will be able to review both documents at the same time and find the differences at even the smallest details using the sophisticated “double loupe tool”. 
  • Email PDFs As Attachments – Enter your email server information once and easily send PDF documents with a single click directly from PDF Studio. This feature should help users collaborate electronically with friends and colleagues in an efficient way. Customers who are enrolled in online fax services letting them send faxes via email (such as or will now be able to send faxes directly from within PDF Studio.
  • Batch Convert to PDFs [Pro Only] – Convert several documents into PDFs from supported formats (image files, text files, Word documents) at once using Convert a Batch in the Batch menu. As with all of PDF Studio’s batch functions, it is possible to convert a list of selected documents or whole directories at once.



  • Document Properties: More properties available under Document Properties (Ctrl + D)
    • Font Listing – See the list of fonts used in the document. This will be helpful for graphics designers or printing industry professionals.
    • MetaData – View XMP metadata (in XML format) associated with the document in text format.
  • Invert Color Mode – Invert colors when rendering a PDF document. For typical documents, the display will change from “Black on White” to “White on Black”. Inverting colors make things much easier to read on small screens, particularly when working in a dark room, on an airplane, or at night. This mode is available as a user preference to invert colors on all documents or on any currently open document from the View menu.
  • Printing Preferences – Set your preferences for the following printing options:
    • Auto Rotate – rotate the printout to match the width and length of the paper
    • Center In Page – center the page on the paper
    • Expand To Margins – expand pages to fill the paper they are being printed on
    • Shrink To Margins – shrink pages so that they fit on the paper
    • Print Annotations – print annotations that have been added to the document
  • Docx to PDF Conversion – In addition to .doc Word documents, PDF Studio 7 supports converting Word documents with a .docx extension (MS Word 2007 and above). Word documents can be opened within PDF Studio and are converted on the fly to PDF.
  • Scan & Split – Scan multiple paper documents to PDF and split them into many documents using the new split options in the scan-to-pdf feature. This is useful when scanning for instance all your water bills at once and each invoice is a 3 page document.
  • Support for AES 256 Bit Encryption – Added support for the highest level of encryption, 256-bit AES encryption (Acrobat 9 and higher) when decrypting or encrypting documents. This feature require installing a  small java extension. Read how to enable AES 256 encryption.
  • Image Stamps – Added adjustable transparency setting for custom image stamps. Users can now create transparent image stamps which allow any document content to be seen through them.
  • Improved Form Field Editing – Improved interactive form field editing with the new addition of:
    • Right-Click Menu – When editing a form field, it is now possible to right click in the field to show an edit menu in order to cut, copy, or paste text (control-click for one-button mice).
    • Dynamic Font Sizing – In single and multiline text fields, fonts will now auto-size dynamically as you type to properly fit the form area.
  • Improved Search Results Display – Search results will now be centered within the window to make it easier to identify them in their surrounding content.
  • Improved Bookmarks – Edit your bookmark name directly from the bookmark tree upon bookmark creation. Support for all Goto page actions in named destinations: x,y,z location, zoom mode, page view (Fit to Page, Fit to Width). This affects bookmarks, links, and buttons.
  • Crop Pages – Added option to crop only specific pages: Even, Odd, or any given range of pages.
  • Scan-To-PDF (Mac OSX Lion) – We upgraded our scanning library to the newest version which is compatible with Mac OSX Lion.



  • Fixed most “Unrecognized Command” errors. These errors occurred when the PDF parsing engine had issues detecting the end of image stream on inline images.
  • Fixed issue where documents with interactive form fields were not marked as modified after fields were edited. No warning was given to save the document upon closing.
  • Fixed issue with cursor alignement when editing interactive form fields with centered or right aligned text.
  • Fixed text selection and text highlight for vertical text with cjk fonts.
  • (Linux: Ubuntu) Fixed text search dialog user interface issues: search text field too narrow and some international labels cut.
  • Fixed issue with Modified Date not always being updated when saving a document.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred for specific documents – after merging 2 PDF interactive forms, Adobe Reader reported that the output document had errors and crashed.
  • Fixed interactive password field to obscure text when typing password in.
  • Fixed issue when opening some PDF documents “Invalid xref position”.
  • Revert ability to move and resize link annotations (accessible through the “Edit” menu item under the annotations’s mouse context menu).