Download PDF Studio 6

Version 6.62 – June 17 2011


  • Ability to “Open Link” and “Create Link” from Selected Text . When the text selected on a page corresponds to a valid web or email url, the mouse context menu will show an option to “Open Link”. This offers a convenient shortcut for PDF Studio users to browse to web links present in a document. The “Create Link” menu option will also now default the url to the text url making it faster to create link annotations from existing urls in the document content.


  • New Preference Setting for Webdav Document Services Users. PDF Studio usually uses a temporary file when saving documents locally in order to avoid losing the document if any error happens during the saving process. Certain document services using webdav servers (such as 03Spaces) require saving directly to the file without the use of a temporary file in order to preserve version history for the document. We’ve added a new setting for this under the Preferences dialog.
  • More Links Recognized in Auto-Create Links dialog: Improved link parser to recognize more links (such as
  • (Windows 7) Improved Icon on Taskbar: On Windows 7, the minimize icon on the taskbar had a low resolution.
  • Many Improvements in our Word to PDF conversion: Support for paragraph shading – before only handled shading on tables, more fields handled – DATE, NUMPAGES, FILENAME fields, support for having different header/footers on different pages, many improvements and bug fixes.


  • (Linux) – OpenJDK JPEG Image Rendering: For rendering JPEG images, PDF Studio used to depend on internal sun classes. These classes are not supported correctly in OpenJDK and Linux customers running this version of Java could not see JPEG images. PDF Studio is now using standard imageio classes to render JPEG images.
  • Open Document Error: Fixed new issue in version 6.60 when opening a PDF document containing annotations with null dates values.
  • Google Docs: Fixed issue with Google Docs when trying to edit a document shared by another user. This issue was introduced because of changes made to Google’s servers.
  • Sharepoint: Fixed issue “error loading pdf null” when downloading files from some specific Sharepoint servers (Comcast for instance).
  • Preflight: Fixed issue in Preflight function (class cast exception error).
  • (Linux) Scanning: Resolved a scanning issue on Linux.
  • Flattening Form Fields: Fixed issue when flattening form fields data in very specific cases (the field data contained the string ” Q “).
  • Black Boxes: Fixed issue where some PDF documents were displaying “black boxes” (issue in IndexedColorSpace conversion from float color).
  • Negative Images: Fixed issue with some reversed images (negative).


Version 6.61 – April 01 2011


  • Display Additional Document Properties: File Size, Number of Pages and Version of PDF are now displayed under Document Properties.
  • Default Resolution at 150 DPI when Exporting Images: For new users, default resolution when exporting images is now defaulting to 150 DPI.
  • Page Range Option when Exporting Images: It is now possible to specify a range of pages to be exported to images (Images -> Export Pages as Images).
  • Improvements in the Word to PDF conversion: When converting a Word document to PDF, document meta data such as title, keywords, subject and title is preserved. Also, we’ve improved our support for images in the Word to PDF conversion.


  • Fixed issue that was introduced in version 6.60. Text extraction was broken for documents containing CJK font.
  • Fixed issue that was introduced in version 6.60. Review status for annotations (such as accepted, cancelled, rejected, etc..) was broken.
  • Fixed issue that was introduced in version 6.60. The Replace Text caret annotation was not displaying correctly in other PDF viewers such as Adobe Reader. Only the caret part of the annotation would show and not the strike-through.
  • (Linux) Fixed issues that were introduced in version 6.60 with the new native file dialog under Linux. Filter extensions were case-sensitive and file names such as name.PDF would not be recognized. Also, PDF Studio was not remembering the last “Save As” folder.
  • (Mac) Fixed issue with file association being broken after updating to a newer version of PDF Studio. After upgrading, some mac users were not able to open PDF files in PDF Studio by double-clicking on the files or by dragging files to the PDF Studio icon on the dock.
  • Some German translations for newly added labels in version 6.60 were missing.
  • Fixed issue with bookmarks not going to the correct pages when in Fit To Page view mode.
  • Fixed issue that was introduced in a previous version of PDF Studio. Selected row within a field list in an interactive PDF form was not saved correctly in the document. When selecting a row in an interactive list field, it would appear correctly in PDF Studio but would not save properly.
  • When PDF documents are open in PDF Studio and a user registers PDF Studio by entering their license key, PDF Studio will now reload the documents and remove the evaluation version watermark (only for documents that have not been modified).

Version 6.60 – February 24 2011


  • New Advanced Custom Stamps (Pro). In addition to image and text stamps, PDF Studio 6.6 allows to create very sophisticated custom stamps. Include multi-line text, images, dynamic fields (such as date and time) and different types of annotations all grouped together in a single custom stamp. Custom stamps can be saved and edited later on. And since stamps are saved in a vector format, they can be resized crisply when applied to a document.
  • New Tool Chest. PDF Studio 6.6 saves and displays users most recent annotations as well as users favorite annotations under the Tool Chest pane. This saves time when frequently applying the same annotations.
  • New Native File Dialogs (Windows, Linux). Windows and Linux users have the option to use the native file dialog of their operating system instead of the Java Swing file dialog. Native dialogs have more functionality (auto-completion for instance) and users are more familiar with them. Note that Mac users already use the native file dialog within PDF Studio so nothing will change on Mac.
  • New Unicode Support. Edit unicode text (UTF-16 characters) in annotations content. This will be of special interest to customers using non-latin characters such as arabic, asian, greek, cyrillic characters. Unicode text is also supported within document properties (author, subject, description).
  • Support for Annotations Groups. Group multiple annotations on a page to process as a single unit. Grouped annotations share their comment and are moved, deleted, reviewed or flattened at once.
  • Multiple Selection of Annotations. Select multiple annotations on a page at once to move, delete, review or flatten them all at once. Annotations selected on the document will also be selected in the annotations trees under the Annotations Pane.
  • Create PDFs from Other Documents Including New Support for Text & MS Word Files. Open text and MS Word (97-2003) files directly in PDF Studio (it converts the documents to PDF on the fly). PDF Studio has a new menu entry under File -> Create PDF to create PDF files easily:
    • Create PDF from File: Allows to create a PDF from all supported formats including Text, MS Word and all image type files.
    • Create PDF from Multiple Files (Pro): Advanced dialog to create a PDF from multiple files that allows to choose multiple files or a whole directory, reorder the files and specify an open password to try when opening the files.
    • Create PDF from Scanner
    • Create PDF from Blank Page
  • Drag and Drop Files in Thumbnails Pane. Simply insert documents as new pages within a document by dragging and dropping files into the Thumbnail pane. The feature works with PDF files, images files, text files and MS Word files.
  • Drag and Drop Files in Attachments Pane. Simply attach documents to a PDF by dragging and dropping files into the Attachments pane.


  • It’s Easier to Add Images as a Stamp: Use the new icon to create an Image Stamp from a file on the fly or use the 2 menu entries Comments -> Add Image or Images -> Import Image as Stamp. An image file can also be copied and pasted onto a PDF page (as a stamp) directly through copy and paste commands without having to open the image in an external image viewer.
  • Support for XMP metadata in Document Properties: When editing document properties and xmp metadata is present in the document, PDF Studio will update the xmp metadata so properties are correctly read and displayed in all PDF viewers.
  • Batch Merge now Supports Images, Text and Word Files: Batch Merge can now merge different format files into a single PDF document (PDF, Images, Text and MS Word).
  • New Function to Reverse Pages: Under Document -> Reverse Pages, it is now possible to reverse all pages within a document in a click. This can be useful after scanning a document in reverse order.
  • New installation for Linux 64 bit: New PDF Studio installation for Linux 64 bit that comes packaged with Java 64 bit.
  • Auto-create Link from Search Text: Create links automatically from searching a document for given text (for instance, create a link for for each occurrence of “Qoppa Software” within a document).
  • Create Link from Highlighted Text: Create a link from right-clicking (CTRL + Click on Mac) on selected text and choosing the option “Create Link” in the context menu.
  • Performance Improvements on Graphical Documents with Transparency: Printing and scrolling performance enhanced for certain documents containing transparency. Users in the graphics and pre press industry may enjoy faster times (up to 5 times faster on specific documents) when printing and rendering documents.
  • Default Document Name for Documents Created from Files: When creating a document from external files (images, text or MS Word documents), PDF Studio will default the name of the PDF to the original document.
  • Improvements to Text Search Dialog: Ability to cancel search. Search button is being disabled during a search so users can not accidentally click search twice. After search is finished, clicking “Enter” will go to the next occurrence in the results list.
  • Form Field Tooltip: To help users filling forms, field information (if available) is now displayed as tooltips under interactive form fields. The data shown corresponds to the “/TU” entry in the field dictionary.
  • Default Page for Extract Pages: When extracting pages from Document -> Extract Pages, PDF Studio 6.6 will default to the currently selected page.
  • Improvements Around Copying and Pasting Pages: New menus available under the Thumbnails Pane to copy, cut and paste pages within a document or across documents. An image file can now be copied and pasted onto a PDF page (as a stamp) directly through copy and paste commands without having to open the image in an external image viewer.
  • Minor Improvements to Link Annotation: After a link is clicked and the corresponding URL followed, PDF Studio will clear selection on the annotation in order to avoid moving the link by error. To edit properties on a link, users should now directly right-click (mac: ctrl + click) on the annotation.


  • Fixed issue with the Split Dialog not opening when running in demo mode.
  • Fixed issue with “Missing Font” in PDF documents. There are magic fonts (Helv, CoBO, Cobo, Cour) not specificied in the PDF specifications that do not need to be embedded in the document and that use “shortcut names” compared to standard font names.
  • (Mac) When quitting the application through the Quit PDF Studio option in the main menu (or Command+Q) and choosing the “Cancel” option, PDF Studio was quitting anyway.
  • (Mac) Shortcut CMD + C was broken to select text on mac.
  • (Mac) When copying and pasting pages across documents, it would work the first time and fail the second time.
  • When renaming a bookmark, the new bookmark name will default to the previous one.
  • Fixed issue when opening a document created in Open Office. This issue was reproducible on Linux with documents containing annotations. The PDF file generated in Open Office does not follow PDF specs.
  • When flattening a text box after a document was saved, the text was not available as text content and thus could not be selected or highlighted.
  • Even when canceling the action of digitally signing a document, PDF Studio was still trying to save the file.
  • When right-clicking on a bookmark (CTRL + Click on Mac), PDF Studio was sometimes changing the currently selected page to the bookmark’s page. This was annoying to users trying to bookmark the currently selected page.
  • Fixed 2 issues related to digital signatures and encrypted documents.
  • Fixed issue with Document -> Revert. When disposing of the Revert Dialog by clicking the red ‘x’, the document was actually reverted instead of simply closing the dialog.
  • When updating the content of an annotation from the Popup Dialog (the Popup Dialog is the dialog that popups when double-clicking on the annotation and that displays the content, author and date for the annotation), the tooltip text for the annotation was not updated accordingly.
  • The Properties label was cut for foreign languages in the Annotation Popup Dialog.
  • The results list in the Text Search Dialog allowed for multiple rows selection. However, the functionality of the dialog was dependent only on the first row selected. The results list is now single selection.
  • When editing a typewriter, free text or callout annotation, hitting escape will exit the edit mode and select the annotation (it used to not select the annotation).
  • Fixed some issues with PDF/X preflight parser introduced in a previous version. Structure rules were enforced but not content rules. Also added new support for blend modes rules.


Version 6.50 – June 22, 2010 


  • New callout annotation. This tool combines a text box with a line and an arrow and is used to draw attention to text or objects in a PDF document .
  • New calibration tool for the measuring tools to set the scale directly from the drawing. Users are prompted to choose two points on the document and enter the length of the measurement.
  • New batch dialog to set initial view for multiple documents at once (navigation tab, page layout, magnification, open to page).
  • Copy and paste images and text. Images and text can now be pasted directly into a PDF document. PDF Studio will automatically generate rubber stamps from them that users can move around or resize before applying them to the document.
  • Support for bookmark style allowing users to define color and text style in documents outline or table of contents.
  • Drag and drop pages across documents (when multiple documents are open in different frames).
  • Manage digital ids for digital signatures to remove a digital id, add a new one or change the display name.
  • Support for Home and End shortcuts to go to the first page and last page in a document.


  • Text box annotation editing: Text can now be edited directly on the document via cursor (in the same way as the type writer annotation).
  • Display page size under Document Properties.
  • Double-sided document scanning option. When scanning double-sided documents, users can scan one side, then use the “interleave” option when scanning the second side.
  • Text markups transparency: Users can now set the transparency of text markup tools such as underline, cross-out, etc.
  • New default rubber stamp: PDF Studio will now remember the last rubber stamp used. Users can also select a preferred default stamp.
  • (Mac users) Support for cmd-click on window title: PDF Studio will display a pop-up menu showing the path to the current folder/document.
  • Import and export of XFDF files: Now supports reading and writing the following attributes: dash style/size, annotation subject, border style, opacity, rich content, and popups.
  • New “Units” setting in User Preferences dialog: International users can define preferred measurement units (inches, centimeters, points, ..) for the Crop dialog and in Document Properties when displaying the page size.
  • Document modified flag: PDF Studio now allows users to know when a document was modified. On Windows and Linux, a little star is added next to the file name on the title bar. On Mac, a black dot is added in the center of the red close button on the title bar.
  • Improved highlight behavior of form fields such as radio buttons, check boxes and text fields.
  • Improved form fields editing: Improved edit and display of rotated form fields (text fields, barcode fields). Support for scroll long text property in multi line fields to turn off scrolling ability within fields.
  • GUI improvements: Improvement to the Rubber Stamp and Attach Files buttons on the toolbar.
  • GUI improvements: A new link to an annotation’s Properties Dialog has been added under the annotation’s Comment Popup Dialog.
  • Barcode improvements: Improvements to the way PDF Studio renders code 128 and code 309.
  • Demo version enhanced: Removed the 10 pages limitation in PDF Studio demo version so users can evaluate more freely the software.


  • When saving a document using the name of a file that’s already open in PDF Studio, the software will now throw an error.
  • Cloud Annotations didn’t show the text bubble even when there was text in the comments.
  • In the previous version 6.40, PDF Studio had been updated so PDF documents that only had an open password with no permission password were opened without user being prompted for password. In this version, we reverted to the previous behavior to be consistent with Adobe Acrobat. PDF Studio will now prompt for an open password for all documents that have an open password, even for documents that have an empty permissions password.
  • Fixed issue with Google Docs where multiple instances of the Advanced Search dialog were created.
  • Fixed issue when opening some PDF documents with AES encryption.
  • Fixed issue that was giving the following error upon opening PDF documents: “Missing Pages entry in file catalog”.

Version 6.40 – June 22, 2010

  • New Integration with SharePoint® and SharePoint Online. PDF files can be opened directly from Sharepoint, reviewed and annotated in PDF Studio and then saved straight back to SharePoint.
  • New Italian version is now available.
  • New PDF Studio is now multi frame allowing to open several documents in different windows from the same instance of PDF Studio and to work across documents to copy text and annotations.
  • New Users can now customize digital signatures appearances. For instance, users can add an image of their own hand-written signature. The signing process has also been improved so it’s easier to sign a document that already has a signature field or to add a new signature on a document that doesn’t have any signature field.
  • New Support for caret annotations.These annotations are used by reviewers to indicate that text needs to be replaced or inserted.
  • New New Batch Split function to split multiple documents at once. Documents can be split by page range, bookmarks, text search or into equal size documents.
  • New New Auto-Create Links function to automatically create web links or emails links in PDF documents.
  • New New user settings for default initial view. These settings are used when opening PDF documents that don’t have any initial view set. It is also possible to always use these settings and ignore the initial view set in the documents.
  • New Added several new shortcut / accelerator keys that allow to easily add annotations to a document.
  • New PDF Studio will now remember and restore the locations of sub toolbars such as annotations toolbar, selection toolbar or distance measuring toolbar on startup.
  • Improvement PDF Studio now supports CJK fonts and more generally CID fonts when filling interactive form fields.
  • Improvement Improvements in memory usage when reading and converting JPEG images.
  • Improvement Improved PDF Studio “View” menu and user interface when switching the current navigation pane view. The available pane views are Attachments, Bookmarks, Comments, Layers, Pages and Signatures.
  • Improvement When playing a sound annotation, PDF Studio will now display a progress dialog and allow users to stop the sound playback at any time.
  • Improvement PDF Studio title frame will now indicate if the document was opened from a document service or a url.
  • Fix In the scan-to-PDF function, when inserting pages at the beginning of the document, the page order was reversed.
  • Fix After rotating pages in a document from the Thumbnails pane, the selected page was sometimes jumping to a different page.
  • Fix Fixed issue when opening some PDF documents created in Word 2010.
  • Fix (Mac) On Mac, PDF Studio will now use the system language for system menus and dialogs.
  • Fix When exporting annotations or form fields in xfdf format for PDF documents opened from urls, the path to the documents in the xfdf file was not set correctly.
  • Internal enhancements.

Version 6.30 – March 22, 2010

  • New (Windows and Mac) Support for CJK fonts (Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts). PDF Studio can now render PDF documents which use CJK character sets as well as extract text from such documents.
  • New Integration with web services. PDF files can be opened directly from accounts, reviewed and annotated in PDF Studio and then saved straight back to
  • New Redesigned annotation popup dialog. The new dialog will show the author name and date on the title bar and allow users to edit comments directly from the popup dialog.
  • New Improved memory usage when scanning multiple pages from the scanner document feeder.
  • Improvement Lots of improvements with Google Docs integration: improved speed for accounts containing a big number files, new intuitive toolbar in Google Docs File Manager for fast access to standard functions such as upload, save, delete, share…
  • Improvement Improved initial view: when opening a document, the default view is now “fit to width” to maximize reading experience. This is consistent with Adobe Reader® default behavior.
  • Improvement Under Batch Merge dialog, an option was added to create bookmarks when merging multiple documents in one so individual documents can be easily indexed in the merged document.
  • Improvement Add ability to create customs stamp from tiff images.
  • Improvement Improved user interface in batch dialogs to allow drag and drop of files, better reordering of files, etc… .
  • Fix Default color for squiggly underline annotations was not saved properly as part of user settings.
  • Fix Fix issue with search results capitalization in text search dialog in some instances.
  • Fix After rotating pages in a document, the selected page was sometimes jumping to a different page.
  • Fix Fix issue with initial page not saving (as defined in initial view settings).
  • Fix Fix the issue “System Error” upon saving some PDF files created in Adobe Photoshop®.
  • Fix (Mac) When saving an attachment locally under mac, “.pdf” was automatically appended to the file name even when the file was not a PDF file.
  • Internal enhancements.

Version 6.21 – February 18 2010

  • Improvement Minor enhancements and bug fixes to Google Docs™ file manager.
  • Fix Missing font issue when merging certain PDF documents.
  • Fix Issue with our updater.
  • Internal enhancements.

Version 6.20 – February 4 2010

  • New Now with full Google Docs™ integration, PDF files stored in your Google Docs account can be directly opened and edited in PDF Studio then saved straight back to Google Docs. Additionally, PDF Studio provides a powerful GUI to manage your Google Docs files allowing you to upload and download single files or whole directories, manage your collections and share files with others directly from PDF Studio.
  • New Our new auto-update feature gives you the option to check for newer versions of PDF Studio on your computer and to update automatically. This feature can be turned off or customized to check daily, weekly, monthly or never. Users can also check “manually” that they are running the latest version using Help -> Check for Updates.
  • New Ability to copy and paste annotations.
  • Improvement Multi-line text field editing in interactive PDF forms now uses native PDF fonts so the editing is very smooth and matches exactly with the rendering of the form field.
  • Improvement When inserting a new page, users can now choose the page format as well as the location in the document.
  • Improvement Better text searching and extraction especially when working with subscript and superscript.
  • Fix Improved file size of resulting documents when merging PDF documents (issue introduced in version 6.10).
  • Fix Improved file size of resulting documents when deleting pages (issue introduced in version 6.10).
  • Fix Issue with Snow Leopard minimized icon which was displayed at a very low resolution.
  • Fix Issue when importing some jpeg images where images would show 3 times in Adobe Reader.
  • Internal enhancements.

Version 6.10 – November 17, 2009

  • New (Pro) Many improvements around digital signatures: improved user interface to sign a document, ability to delete and resize a signature field, ability to manage digital ids and trusted certificates, ability to add multiple digital signatures to a document.
  • New Cloud annotation useful to markup architectural drawings.
  • New (Pro) Batch preflight to verify PDF/X compliancy for multiple documents at once.
  • New (Pro) Batch crop to crop multiple documents at once and change the margins for crop box, bleed box, trim box or art box.
  • New Screenshot tool allowing users to select a page area with a lasso and copy the image to the clipboard or export the image to a file.
  • New From the thumbnail view, added ability to work on multiple pages at once to delete them, rotate them, drag them or flatten comments.
  • New Support for barcodes. XFA form fields containing a barcode ui will now be rendered in PDF Studio.
  • New Ability to search within annotations from the text search dialog.
  • Improvement (Pro) Improved batch user interface concerning the selection of files and folders to process. Users can now preview the files included in the batch and reorder them as needed.
  • Improvement Improved text highlight rendering. It is now a perfect text highlight obtained by using multiply composite.
  • Improvement Added a user setting to remember a default scanner so users are not always prompted to choose their scanner.
  • Improvement Added a user setting for default paper size to be used when creating new documents, adding pages and creating a preflight report.
  • Improvement Added a “Clear Security” button under the security dialog so users can remove passwords and permissions in a single-click.
  • Improvement Improved title bar to show the document name first (before the application name) so users can distinguish documents when multiple documents are minimized on the toolbar.
  • Improvement When drawing annotations such as cloud, polygon or perimeter annotations, and using the auto-complete option from the mouse menu, PDF Studio will now include the current location of the mouse as the last vertex.
  • Fix Issue with bookmarks. When inserting a new page in the document, all bookmarks to pages that are following the inserted page will now remain the same.
  • Fix Issue with scrolling to annotations. When using the single page view and clicking on an annotation in the comments list, PDF Studio was not scrolling to the appropriate location in the document as expected.
  • Fix Internal bug fixes.

Version 6.01 – September 30, 2009

  • New We have changed our installer and thus recommend that you uninstall any previously version of PDF Studio before installing the new one. All your settings, preferences and custom stamps will be preserved with this new version. Our new installer brought a few fixes / improvements to the installation process:
    • Linux users will now have an icon launcher installed on their desktop to start PDF Studio and can now drag PDF files directly onto this icon.
    • PDF Files having a name containing at least 2 consecutive spaces in a row can now be opened by double-clicking on them (this used to be a problem with our old installer).
  • New Ability to create categories and sub-categories for custom text and image stamps so custom stamps can be easily accessed and organized in a flexible tree structure.
  • Improvement Update to our scanning library.
  • Fix (Linux) Issue when editing existing text stamps.
  • Fix (Mac) Issue in the custom image stamp dialog when trying to load an image, users were getting a “File not found” error message due to an extension “.pdf” being wrongly appended to the image file path.
  • Fix Issue displaying documents created with Acrobat ClearScan.
  • Fix Issue with bookmarks where sometimes an invalid bookmark was created, making PDF Studio to run out of memory when opening the document (due to an infinite loop when reading the invalid bookmark).
  • Fix Issue with the display of certain images. A red cross was displayed in PDF Studio instead of the actual image.

Version 6.00 – August 12, 2009

  • New Split between PDF Studio Standard and Pro editions (existing customers automatically upgrade to the Pro edition for free without the need to reenter their license key).
  • New Under Document Properties, new tab for Initial View to define the initial layout and magnification settings: navigation tab, page layout, magnification, open to page.
  • New Many improvements around bookmarks: auto-create bookmarks for a page range, create bookmarks for current view, move bookmarks through drag and drop, improved toolbar in bookmarks panel.
  • New (Pro) Create new digital signature fields on PDF documents and clear existing digital signatures.
  • New (Pro)In the Preflight screen, when verifying the compliance of a PDF document against PDF/X format, it is now possible to create a preflight report with the option to append the report to the PDF document.
  • New (Pro) Batch Merge feature to combine multiple documents at once.
  • New Navigate through history of page views (go to previous view, go to next view).
  • New Support for mailto protocol in links and bookmarks and launch mail client accordingly.
  • New Search text within comments from Comments pane.
  • New Export to gif.
  • Improvement Move annotations using arrow keys.
  • Improvement Improved toolbar in Comments pane.
  • Improvement Option in batch processes to overwrite existing files or create new files.
  • Fix (Linux) Now can drag files into PDF Studio (image files or PDF files).
  • Fix Internal bug fixes.