Version 5.71 (Windows Only) – June 12, 2009
Version 5.70 – June 5, 2009

  • New Ability to split PDF documents based on page count, page range, blank pages, bookmarks, search text.
  • New In the Preflight screen, when verifying the compliance of a PDF document against PDF/X format, it is now possible to dynamically generate annotations where compliance problems were detected.
  • New Full support for PDF transparency model.
  • Improvement Support for PNG images in custom image stamps.
  • Improvement Support for soft mask when importing images as pages.
  • Fix Some focus issues in interactive PDF forms.
  • Fix (Windows) Problem with the scanning feature giving the following error: “Can’t Initialize Twain JNI library”.
  • Fix Internal bug fixes”.

Version 5.61 (Mac Only) – April 15, 2009

  • Fix (Mac) Problem with the scanning feature giving the following error: “Can’t Initialize Twain JNI library”.

Version 5.60 – April 13, 2009

  • New Area and perimeter measurement tools.
  • New (Windows, Linux) Now using the latest Java 1.6 for Windows and Linux for better performance.
  • New (Linux) Added support for Scanning under Linux.
  • New Support for the following page mode views: Continuous, Single, Facing, Facing Continuous.
  • New Dialog to add a text or image watermark with the ability to preview the watermark on the document.
  • New Right-click context menu on the page views for quick access to basic functions such as adding a sticky note, zooming in and out, selecting text.
  • New Ability to customize page thumbnails size (small, medium, large).
  • Improvement Better conversion to black and white tiff (dithering for Group 4 and Group 3 Fax).
  • Improvement (Linux) No more bold font for the metal look and feel under Linux.
  • Fix Choosing option ‘New document” when scanning to PDF was reversing the page order and save would overwrite the previous document.
  • Fix Fix Focus problem with annotations in Java 1.4 where focus would sometime jump to the beginning of the document when clicking on the hand tool.
  • Fix Slow file open dialog under Windows XP when browsing through big zip files,
  • Fix Internal bug fixes

Version 5.51 (Mac Only) – March 4, 2009

  • Fix (Mac) Problem when opening the following dialogs: Append PDF Document, Insert Pages from PDF and Replace Pages from PDF.

Version 5.50 – February 11, 2009

  • New Review status for annotations to mark them as checked, approved, completed.
  • New Preflight PDF/X verification.
  • New Distance measuring tool.
  • New Dialog to add headers and footers with document preview.
  • New Bates Numbering.
  • New Signature pane to display the list of digital signatures applied to a document.
  • Improvement New look for our annotations list pane, now located at the bottom of the page to allow for a better view. Ability to print the list of annotations.
  • Improvement Pencil tool is now multi gestures allowing to type multiple words as part of the in the same annotation.
  • Improvement Improved annotations features: save defaults, option to make annotation tool sticky, display review status.
  • Improvement Use native Mac Open dialog instead of the standard java Open dialog.
  • Fix Support for polygons in import / export of annotations.
  • Fix (Mac) Resolution when printing scanned images was too low giving a blurry printout.
  • Fix (Linux) Show total number of pages for the current document on the toolbar.
  • Fix Internal bug fixes.

Version 5.11 – November 15, 2008

  • Fix Issue that was introduced in version 5.10 with text extraction (text was extracted backwards).
  • Fix Issue with text search dialog using too much memory when running PDF Studio with Java 1.5 and Java 1.6.

Version 5.10 – November 11, 2008

  • New Arrow annotation tool.
  • New Export to Images for a Batch of PDF documents.
  • New Open an image file (JPG, PNG or TIFF format) directly into PDF Studio from the File Open Dialog or by dragging the image file into PDF Studio. This is faster than using the Import Images dialog.
  • New Ability to import scanned images in JBIG2 format into PDF Studio to minimize the size of the resulting PDF document.
  • Improvement to all our Batch functions to allow users to set a list of passwords to try when opening documents. Users will not be prompted for passwords anymore.
  • Improvement Improved performance and memory usage in the scanning function to allow users to scan more pages faster. Also upgraded our scanning library to allow for more scanners support.
  • Improvement New compression options when exporting pages to TIFF.
  • Improvement New rotation options when right-clicking on a thumbnail page.
  • Improvement Improved tabbing in PDF Forms. Ensure fields visibility when tabbing through fields, scroll to next page, etc.
  • Fix Issue with the typewriter annotation: focus problems and problem when writing on some documents with rotated pages.
  • Fix Deleting pages from some documents would give an error.
  • Fix Fixed a problem with special characters such as accents in custom stamps names.
  • Fix Internal bug fixes.

Version 5.01 – August 26, 2008

  • Fix Fixed issue with some documents not opening in Adobe Reader when a typewriter annotation was added through PDF Studio.
  • Fix Internal bug fixes.

Version 5.00 – August 18, 2008

  • New Typewriter tool to type anywhere in a PDF document and fill forms that do not contain interactive fields.
  • New Edit document properties such as title, subject, author and keywords.
  • New Crop / resize pages (crop box, bleed box, trim box, art box).
  • New Change the user / author name associated with your annotations.
  • New Define your own custom text stamp and include special keywords such as date, time, page number.
  • New Support for comb textfields in government forms (comb textfields text fields in which characters are surrounded by a box and spaced out equally in order to make the form more readable).
  • Improvement Rubber stamps preview.
  • Improvement Navigation and user interface for all dialogs.
  • Improvement Thumbnails are only created on demand.
  • Fix Issue with flattening or exporting to images when document had rotated pages.
  • Fix Fixed issue with the zoom selection tool when the page number was high.
  • Fix Internal bug fixes.