New Major Features in Version 10

Full Change Log for Version 10

Release 10.4.2 – June 28 2016

  • Improved CJK default font selection for Windows (esp. Win10) and Mac
  • Internal bugs & fixes

Release 10.4.1 – April 27 2016

  • Fix registration issues on Windows and Linux introduced by latest installer update.

Release 10.4.0 – April 07 2016

  • Major memory improvements, especially on Retina screens.


  • Printing landscape not always working from PDF Studio Print Dialog
  • Sticky not working on some stamps

Release 10.3.0 – February 18 2016

  • Improved annotation export organization and structure for .txt and XML outputs
  • Header & Footer page numbering now starts at “1” instead of “0”
  • Grouped Annotations not being exported
  • (Mac) Crisp text highlights on the Mac when PDF Studio is installed using the 64-bit Mac installer
  • (Document Specific) Fail to display text on some text fields containing default value
  • Unable to edit combo box option once the option was selected in the field
  • Password fields displayed as empty instead of displaying dots (i.e. ••••••••)
  • Misspelled date preview in form field formatting properties
  • Internal bug fixes

Release 10.2.0 – September 22 2015

  • Clipping issues when moving flattened text annotations
  • Issue with select all and zoom (select all function only selected a portion of the text)
  • Issue handling special font character during PDF/A Conversion
  • Fixed issue with rotating stamps that have transparency
  • (Mac) Document properties dialog broken when using drag and drop to open document
  • (Mac) Printing 1 bit per pixel images failed to print
  • (Mac) Issue when printing some images using CCITT image compression (Pages would print blank)
  • OCR: Improvements to better handle different image types
  • Issue with Save As when running from command line (dialog would not display)
  • (Unix) Issue with save on Solaris when running from command line (“Error renaming temp file at /var/tmp/pdf*.filename..tmp”)
  • Internal fixes


Release 10.1.0 – June 29 2015

  • Text to PDF spinners do not update while changing units when not in English
  • Form fields randomly resizing
  • [Windows] Non-Modal dialog causes frames to flash when opening multiple files
  • Remove link action immediately when linked page is deleted
  • Don’t flatten redaction annotations
  • Rotation handle should not show when multiple stamps are selected
  • Rasterize Dialog: Start JPEG Quality at 1 instead of 0
  • Compare feature displays an error loading file when opening a Word doc or any other supported format
  • Linux GTK Look & Feel: ClassCastException in spinner
  • Text Selection – Ctrl+A broken in some documents
  • NullPointerException when importing callout annotations
  • Batch Preflight rewriting files when not needed
  • Changing tab order in field pane is broken
  • Preview issue with stamps that are both transparent & rotated
  • (Document Specific) Some text highlight would highlight return characters
  • (Document Specific) Fail to open a document containing JPEG 2000 compression
  • [Ubuntu 15.04] “Buy Now” does not work
  • Scanning Dialog: Color Format Label Issues
  • Missing message internationalization when overwriting a profile for Header / Footer or Watermark
  • Missing label international in FileAttach properties dialog and Redaction Properties Dialog
  • OCR Dialog: DPI Resolution Label Issue (MissingResourceException)
  • Scan Insert Dialog: Missing label internationalization
  • Optimizer Dialog: Label typo in Optimizer default profile “Agressive” should be changed to “Aggressive”

Release 10.0.1 – May 12 2015

Fixes and Minor Improvements:

  • Exporting comments with invalid or illegal character as XFDF is now handled better
  • (Mac) Display issue with Overlay Comparison on Retina Displays
  • Copy and Pasting Radio Button now preserves the border
  • Rubber stamps were not using author name defined under tool preferences
  • Typewriter would not work when not in Sticky mode
  • Cursor issue introduced with new date picker component: not able to clear or type date field sometimes
  • Flattening a redaction annotation would cause an error on the page
  • Optimizer not recognizing some Black & White images (B/W images processes as if they were Gray images)
  • Optimizer not handling images contained in FormXObjects
  • Improved memory usage on Mac OS X in OCR or when rasterizing a large document (java heap space error)
  • Mouse scroll zoom not responding sometimes
  • (Windows) Twain scanning was broken on Windows (WIA scanning was always used)
  • Flashing / flickering issue when double-clicking to open documents sometimes
  • Issue with multi-annotations editing for typewriters, where note content was updated when it should not
  • Issue with setting Text to PDF preferences when running in other languages than English
  • Internal fixes

Original Release 10.0.0 – March 31 2015

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