Q: I’m running into some errors when trying to install PDF Studio. How can I resolve this?

A: If PDF Studio’s installer fails on your machine, Email PDF Studio support team and make sure sure to include the log files from our installer install4j. By looking at the logs, our team might be able to understand the issues you are running into and help you resolve them.

You can find the logs by following the instructions below:

On Windows

Go to your temp folder. By default, it is under


Look for the file name that starts with “i4j”


  1. Open Terminal app on your computer
  2. Type open $TMPDIR

3. Look for the “i4j_log_PDFStudio_XXX.log” file

On Linux

  1. Open File Explorer and select “tmp” folder

2. Look for the “i4j_log_PDFStudio_XXX.log” file